3rd Annual Fly Cozumel Photo Contest Takes Off!

At Fly Cozumel, we like to shake things up. Rather than go with the flow, we prefer to set our own flight plans for the future.

During the past two consecutive years, we have held our annual aerial photography competitions to determine who can take the best picture of Cozumel from high above the beautiful island we call home.

Following the success on the previous editions, however, we decided to see just how it is we can improve and adapt to make our third photo competition even more spectacular.

Always looking to provide a different perspective, be it of Cozumel from the heavens or the Mayan ruins of the mainland, one perspective we realized that has yet to be represented is perhaps the most important: our youth.

That’s why this year we decided to think forward and give the future a chance and make this edition for the island’s budding photographers: the kids!

3rd Annual Fly Cozumel Aerial Photography Contest — Just for Kids

Cozumel4you and Fly Cozumel recently launched the 3rd Annual Aerial Photography Contest.

Initially set for take-off on Saturday, January 27th, the competition for the best image taken from aboard one of the company’s modern Cessnas open exclusively to the youth of Cozumel had to be postponed until Thursday, February 2nd due to weather conditions.

Yesterday afternoon, together with local photographer and fancy Frenchman Flo Serfati from Serfati Photography, four starling students from Montessori Cozumel and the Gardner Institute gathered their gear, fought their fear of heights, buckled their seatbelts, and flew into the heavens to take pictures of Cozumel Island.

In coming days, their pictures will be put on our website without credit so that you the dear public can choose the best picture.

Each student will provide one picture of the Punta Molas Lighthouse and one general picture of the island of their choice.

Fly Cozumel Photo Contest Prizes

The winning candidate will be awarded a special a free flight for up to two (2) people to visit the Sian Ka’an Biosphere at a mutually accorded time and date.

In addition, Flo Serfati will provide the winner of the contest their very own photo seminar “From Preparing a Shot To the Final Image”. The lucky victor will join Flo on a personal landscape photo session followed by one hour of a photo editing tutorial.

Stay tuned for the pictures and be ready to vote for the best aerial photography image from the future of Cozumel!

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