Amazing Cozumel Island Tour by Airplane

A couple of days ago, we did another Island Tour Cozumel with our air plane over Cozumel with Hunter and his wife Amanda. The island looked amazing from above. WOW!

Hunter and Amanda arrived in Cozumel on a Carnival cruise ship. We picked them up at the cruise terminal and before they knew it, we were up in the air. They booked our Island Tour Cozumel by Airplane, though the idea was to really explore the North side of the island around Punta Molas, as well as the south side around Punta Sur. An Island tour by airplane… with some extra wishes. Lighthouses have something magical.…

The views from above today were soooooooo amazing. The blue of the ocean, the green of the jungle and the white of the beaches. Behind me I heard all the time “wow, wow, wow”, “look at that”, “can’t be for real”, “oooh my”, etc. I am not kidding, Cozumel from the air by plane is such a great perspective, such an unforgettable experience. The island looks so much different than you might think.

Hunter wrote a couple of words on TripAdvisor about our Island Tour Cozumel Flight. Let me copy a part:

“Cruising in a private plane at 1000 ft above the impossible blues of Cozumel is just such an experience. This is a perspective on the island that will truly take your breath away. “

“I took the “Island Tour Cozumel” with my wife and it was the highlight of our vacation. We loved walking through the private jet entrance and being escorted to our own private plane.”

“We really enjoyed seeing how much jungle is still on the island, and the tour covered areas of the island that 99% of visitors to Cozumel will never know about.”

Please find the complete TripAdvisor review here:

From the air you can truly see the majesty and beauty of Cozumel Island. Take a memorable look at the amazing turquoise blue Caribbean sea by airplane. Fly over Passion Island, Punta Molas, the Cozumel Wild Side, the famous beaches, Punta Sur, the amazing coral reefs of the Cozumel Marine Park, El Cedral, the cruise Piers (Puerta Maya, The International Pier and Punta Langosta) and downtown Cozumel San Miguel in all safety & comfort. TIME OF YOUR LIFE!

The spectacular Island Tour Cozumel shows you the very best of Cozumel Island. The scenic flight you can book yourself, it is a perfect present and I promise you the best views of Cozumel.

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We invite you to experience our Island Tour Cozumel by Airplane of one of the most beautiful islands in the world, la Isla de Cozumel. Hunter and Amanda, thank you so much! Next time we will bring you to Chichen Itza by Plane.


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