Bucket List: Chichen Itza by Airplane Tours from Cozumel

What do you do when visiting the Mayan Ruins of Chichen Itza is on the bucket list of your father? You contact Fly Cozumel and before you know it, you are in an airplane on the way to actually make it happen, a Tour to Chichen Itza by Airplane departing from Cozumel.

Jason: “My dad had visiting the Mayan ruins of Chichen Itza on his bucket list for a decade… so this trip was just perfect. We are avid scuba divers and visit Cozumel twice a year. We never liked the idea of sitting in a ferry / bus round trip for 8 hours so I looked for other options and found FlyCozumel, visiting the Mayan Ruins of Chichen Itza by Airplane Tours. Leo, mr FlyCozumel was very responsive by WhatsApp. We (dad, wife, oldest son and myself), chose to do this trip by Airplane and we were picked up at our Cozumel resort (Hotel B) at 8am and taken the International Airport of Cozumel. Pilot Omar and copilot Leo flew us over the Yucatan channel and then over an impressive amount of jungle. After 40 minutes we could see the Ruins of Chichen Itza from the air, which was unforgettable. My dad literally said “This view is priceless son, highlight of my life, thank you”. We were then taken by a taxi to the Mayan Ruins and arrived a little after 8am Yucatan time (note: there was a 1 hour time difference in our advantage) and met our private guide George for a 2.5 hour tour… It was a memory we will have forever. Great explanation in English of the site and hardly any other tourists. We decided not to visit the cenote (our own choice). We did have a typical lunch near the Ruins and then boarded our airplane to Cozumel at noon. We were back at hotel B in Cozumel by 2pm. Would definitely recommend this trip. Thank you FlyCozumel!”

So awesome. Jason, also on behalf of your dad, thank you for flying with FlyCozumel!

We just uploaded a video of one of our landings at Chichen Itza airport.

Chichen Itza on your own bucket list? Take a look for yourself at our Chichen Itza Tours by Airplane, departing from Cozumel: http://flycozumel.com/easy-rooms/mayan-ruins-chichen-itza-airplane-cozumel-departure/

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