Celebration for the one thousandth passenger on the Cozumel-Playa del Carmen Flight

Contrary to companies that paralyzed their services at the beginning of the pandemic, “Fly Cozumel” kept its operations going and even opened a new air connection Cozumel-Playa del Carmen, which has remained operational for several months now and just celebrated transporting its one thousandth passenger.

Leo Waltman, owner of the company, explained that for the past five years the company has been providing connection services in the Peninsula, with air frequencies and connections to Chichén Itzá as well as overflights in the Island of Cozumel, the latter resulting in a great success as airlines’ suspension from April to July 2020 and restraint of the usual trips by sea, caused the demand for air service.

The company owner shared that keeping the air frequencies active has not been easy. The demand increased for several months because there was no service by sea available, this enabled the Cozumel-Solidaridad flight offered by two of the most recent models of Cessna-type airplanes thus allowing transportation of up to 10 passengers; even though that due to the pandemic, transporting five to six passengers per flight is considered.

Leo Waltman acknowledged that the task of sustaining a local airline has not been easy at all. But recognized that local people’s disposition allowed the company to continue searching for innovation, offering overflights in the Island of Cozumel, thus generating another attraction for local families or visitors.

While costs may vary according to the package of tour, Waltman indicated that offering panoramic flights over Cozumel, Sian Ka’an, the tour of the three islands, sunset by plane, among other options, have allowed local families and visitors to find new options to enjoy the Mexican Caribbean much more.

During the most recent week, “Cozumel 4 You” was witness to Leo Waltman celebrating that the Playa del Carmen-Cozumel connection reached its passenger number one thousand. He assured that it has not been easy at all, on the contrary, because it has been a challenge keeping this air flight connection, therefore passenger Luis Velasco was welcomed with a gift. Velasco affirmed that the service was excellent and that just in 10 minutes he was able to be on the mainland, or vice versa.

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