Cozumel Excursions: Scenic Flights over Tall Ships.

Fantastic! Cozumel Island was one of the locations of the “Velas LatinoAmérica 2018 series” earlier this week; of course Fly Cozumel organized numerous Scenic Flights over the amazing Tall Ships, various Excursions executed with great success. Eight Tall ships in total visited our island, and all our guests got a great view on them from the heavens. Next time these Ships are here in Cozumel… don’t miss out and book your Excursions; these Flights are unforgettable!

All our Scenic Flights these days were simply wonderful. Island Residents and tourists enjoyed the Tall Ships. Very memorable Excursions, unforgettable views. One of the Scenic Flights we did deserves some special attention. On Wednesday 22nd of August at 4 pm the winners of the Cozumel 4 You / Fly Cozumel “Good Citizen” contest were able to see the see the Tall Ships from a unique birds-eye view, from our Cessna Airplane.

Cozumel4you Winners

We took out on of our Scenic Flights above the Tall Ships: Andrea Sekula, Amethyst Amatista and Gena Meyer; people who deserved to be rewarded for their good work in our Cozumel community, people whose work helps change lives, improve lives, help others and Cozumel as a whole.  Fly Cozumel & Cozumel 4 You offered the spots together on one of these Fly Cozumel Excursions. Thank you ladies! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Thank you for all the good things you do on Cozumel!

Check out more about charities on Cozumel:

Tall Ships From Airplane

Were there any other Cozumel Excursions around the Tall Ships?

YES! Although the ships started to call into port as early as Sunday, the official “visit” started on Tuesday with a boat parade, which made it’s way from the northern Cozumel hotel zone south towards Puerta Maya. The Tall Ships docked at all three cruise ship piers:  Punta Langosta, International Pier and Puerta Maya (

Without a doubt one of the most unique Cozumel Excursions during these days (besides our own Fly Tour jeje), was very simple and free… visiting the Tall Ships. Even though the lines were quite long at certain times of the day, visiting the Tall Ships is really a great experience. People were allowed to tour the Tall Ships on Tuesday and Wednesday. That was pretty cool. Keep that in mind for next time the event is in Cozumel.

We really enjoyed the photos taken and published. To name a couple of photographers that made a-ma-zing photos of the Tall Ships:

Benny Campos – Benny Campos Photography

Florent Serfati – Serfato Photography

Fred Boehm – Fred Boehm Photography

Nadine & Sasha – Mik ´nDrik Photography

Oscar & Khela – OK MORE Photography

Tall Ships Docked

Another great Cozumel Excursion during this event is stand up paddle boarding close to these magnificent vessels. We saw from the air Raul de Lille paddling and enjoying. Next time Raul, please wave. Check out:

Last but not least (yes.. not easy to choose between Excursions on Cozumel) is going out by boat close to the Tall Ships. We spotted from the air various boats watching the Tall Ships. If you want to do that in an adventurous way, contact Adrian through

Are you more the relaxing with a bottle of champagne type of person, then check out:

More info about Cozumel Excursions next time the Tall Ships are here? Feel free to contact us.

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