Ready for take off? Cozumel Island Tour by Air

“Amazing, amazing, simply amazing” is the Cozumel Island Tour by Air with Fly Cozumel. Picture yourself flying over the turquoise blue Caribbean sea by Airplane with Foxtrot Lima Yankee Charlie Oscar Zulu Uniform Mike Echo Lima: FLY COZUMEL. Flying over Passion Island, Punta Molas, the Cozumel Wild Side, the famous beaches of the East side, Punta Sur, the amazing coral reefs of our Cozumel Marine Park, El Cedral, The cruise Piers (Puerta Maya, The International Pier and Punta Langosta) and downtown Cozumel San Miguel in all safety & comfort. Ready for take off?

A dream that was there for many years; a dream of people that have Cozumel in their heart and that have a passion for flying. Why not share our passion with you? FlyCozumel was born, airborne.

Fly Cozumel offers something different than the standard island Tour; we offer you the very best of Cozumel Island from the air. We welcome you at your hotel, cruise dock or home and go together to Cozumel Airport. There you will be introduced to your pilot and we will discuss the flight plan and your wishes. Depending on weather conditions, your pilot will select the most suitable route to show you all the must sees attractions and scenic vistas of Cozumel: Passion Island, Punta Molas, your hotel or Cruise ship or house/condo, lagoons, the wild side of Cozumel, Punta Sur, the Marine Park, gorgeous coral reef formations and so much more. During the flight your pilot will give you information about the points of interest you are flying over, some history, some interesting facts, feel free to ask questions. When you have a special request, ask your pilot, we will fly over it again, and again and again: your wish is our command! Your 45 minutes flight will provide unforgettable views of some of the most captivating and spectacular scenery of Cozumel island. Your private flight will give you and your family and friends a front row seat to all these majestic treasures of Cozumel.

Check it out:

Take as many pictures and video as you like of all the landmarks of Cozumel. From the air you can truly see the majesty and beauty of Cozumel Island. TIME OF YOUR LIFE! We invite you to experience our Scenic Air Tour of one of the most beautiful islands in the world, la Isla de Cozumel:

Fly Cozumel does scenery tours over Cozumel Island, discovery flights, sunset tours by airplane and by airplane we bring you in only 50 minutes to the ruins of Chichen Itza. From the air you can truly see the majesty and beauty of Cozumel Island; and to Chichen Itza is doable in one day before the crowds arrive.

Cozumel island is beautiful to explore by land, it is amazing to discover what Cozumel has to offer being in the water… though we guarantee that Cozumel seen from the air with the Cozumel Island Tour by Air of Fly Cozumel will exceed your highest expectations, ready for take off?


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