Cozumel Island Tour by Airplane, A Review

Most Cozumel lovers know our island by land or by being in the ocean; when doing a Cozumel Island Tour by Airplane with Fly Cozumel you will see the island like you’ve never seen before. You will not only see the island from a different perspective (impressive and so beautiful), but as well you will discover spots on the island that you can keep your secret. How it really is, doing a tour above the island of Cozumel? Read one of our latest reviews (muchas gracias!)

“The minute I first read about Fly Cozumel I knew we had to book this tour. My husband is a small plane pilot here in the States and loves any chance he can get into a plane. I messaged Leo right away and asked about what was necessary for already licensed pilots and the Discover Flight they offer. Leo responded right away and was just excited as I was to get my husband in the air over Cozumel. Booking our reservation was easy and secure with payment through Paypal for the Deposit. Leo was great with communication as the date of our trip and reservation came closer.

We were picked up at our condo by Anibal who had a taxi ready and waiting to take us to the airport. Omar got all our paperwork taken care of with the airport officials and then we were off! My husband was able to pilot the plane from takeoff to landing with Omar taking care of communicating with the Tower.

The views were AMAZING and we saw things you wouldn’t know existed on the island if you didn’t see them from the air. I was in the back of the plane taking pictures, as was Leo, and we both got some great shots!

We’ve been back home almost 2 weeks and our heads are still in the clouds from the awesome experience! It was worth every penny….and then some! Thank Leo and crew for a flight we’ll remember forever!”

Check us out: For the most spectacular Cozumel Island tour.. by Airplane.

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