Fly Tours Cozumel – Photos by Airplane from Above the Island

What an amazing weeks we had here at Fly Cozumel. The 1st Annual Cozumel Aerial Photo Contest (Pictures taken by 4 photographers by Airplane from above…) ended, we did a couple of nice Fly Tours above the Island and we are flying to Chichen Itza on average twice a week now.

But first things first. We are very thankful to Laura of Cozumel4You ( to play an important role in the 1st Annual Cozumel Aerial Photo Contest. I believe many people enjoyed all pictures that were taken. And we will keep our word. January 2017… We will do it again.

So congratulations Fred! You won the first contest. You already had breakfast at Amparo’s? I recently found more of Fred’s work here. Worth to click on (and order to put his work on your wall):

Of course also Tati, Flow and Mike. Thank you for joining and thank you for your beautiful aerial Pictures of beautiful Cozumel.

More of Tati and Cozumel photography on her website:

More Cozumel Photos of Flow:

Later this week I will post the best Photos that were taken during our recent Scenic Air Tours on our website.

When you would like to use on of the Photos of Cozumel we took by Airplane, please don´t forget to give credits to the one that took the picture!

So after showing some great photos of the island at Cozumel4You and our Facebook page ( quite some people thought “I want to see Cozumel from that perspective by myself”. Thank you for all your support and thank you for flying with FlyCozumel!

Also one of our FyTours, to go to the Mayan Ruins of Chichen Itza, became quite popular in the last weeks. Average we fly twice a week to Chichen Itza and it looks like soon we might be offering semi-private trips. Correct, a true Chichen Itza Charter departing from Cozumel. We will keep you informed.

Interested in Fly Tours above Cozumel? To take your own Photos by Airplane from above the island… Check us out:

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