Cozumel Real Estate Photography and Tour

We love Cozumel. And when you read this, most likely you will love this beautiful island as well. We have something new and exciting to offer. A pleasure to show you land, condos, homes or a business from the sky in our new airplane (Cessna 206. Year 2018. Air conditioned). You will get a a complete different perspective of real estate in Cozumel, guaranteed.

Are you a interested in buying or investing in Real Estate in Cozumel? Book a tour above the properties of your shortlist. Are you a real estate broker? Invite your clients on a tour above the properties / listings / homes you want to show. Or contact us for a Photography flight; pictures that will impress your potential buyers.

Homes Cozumel For Sale

What we offer?

Are you a buyer? Without a doubt there is no better way to see the property you are interested in from the sky. Google Earth can’t beat our bird´s eye views at your desired home, condo, land, investment or commercial property. Check out the neighbors, traffic, restaurants and more from a Cessna plane. We are able to fly at a low altitude. Bonus: Cozumel from the sky is a great experience by itself (

Are you a seller? Or a realtor? Forget about drones. Take your potential clients in Cozumel up in the sky and show them your properties and homes. In our brand new air conditioned Cessna 206 airplane you can show them the beauty of our island and your objects for sale. Are you looking for some high end photos of the what you are selling? Let´s fly and take some awesome shots of your listings (

How to look for Real Estate Listings in Cozumel?

Fly Cozumel is not related to any of the Real Estate Brokers here on the island. When looking for properties, when you want to buy a house or a condo, it is a great idea to start at AMPI Cozumel; the multi Listing Service:

AMPI offers a valuable research tool; fill in the criteria you want and generate a list with detailed info of the properties you could be interested in.

Cozumel Real Estate Condos

5 Real Estate Brokers in Cozumel

Let us write down 5 Real Estate Brokers in Cozumel (alphabetical order) Together with the AMPI website this is a great start to get an idea of the local market on the island.

1. Cedral Caribe Realtors. Check out:
Worth mentioning is that Broker Karen of Cedral also has her own website:
Dreaming of living on Cozumel at some point… you might like her blog:

2. The website of Cozumel Capital is:

3. Cozumel Living is to be found online at

4. Patsy Chilson is specialized in properties in the North side of Cozumel:

5. Remax is represented on the island by:

What does it cost?

A Cozumel Real Estate Photography Tour starts at 250usd in total for 2 persons. Not bad right? Departures possible from the Cozumel International Airport as well as from the private airport Toledo. Where you want to go? Where you want to fly above? Tell us and we promise you a memorable, top notch flight. Water on board: yes (or a bottle of champagne if you already closed, jeje).

How to book your real estate flight?

Contact FlyCozumel for Aerial Real Estate Photography, Aerial Survey, Land survey from the air, Real Estate Viewings by Airplane and Real Estate Tours by Airplane. E-mail: or by phone/Whatsapp +52 987 564 8162

Hasta pronto!

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One Reply to “Cozumel Real Estate Photography and Tour”

  1. Love it. That is how I sold most of Playa del Carmen and the past.
    Your picture is of my penthouse home in Peninsula Grand..
    My office is there thank you fir the mention.
    I will recommend you!

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