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Leo Waltman, Fly Cozumel CEO

At the new Fly Cozumel office you will find our favorite among Entrepreneur Quotes on the wall “Every master was once a beginner“. It has been my personal motto for a very long time. I, as founder and CEO, like this Quote so much as it hits 2 sides. As a beginner you should realize that if you look up to a master, that this master once was where you are now. As a business owner I want to stimulate beginners to actually become masters. DARE! On the other hand when you are a master you simply must never forget that once you were a beginner.

One becomes a master acquiring a skill…. with repetition your brain will change!

Fly Cozumel Team
Fly Cozumel Team

Entrepreneur Quote by Mark Twain: “Courage is resistance of fear, mastery of fear – not absence of fear”. I would like to take the opportunity to mention Fly Cozumel friend and Entrepreneur Tony Martinez. He is the founder of the Fearless events and from him I learned that your success, your transition from beginner to master, begins on the day you chose to become fearless. Yes, that is right: you choose to be fearless. You definitely should check him out. Tony is a man, with qualities of humility and gratefulness, that only loves “real talk and real results”.

Then there is another great young and wise Entrepreneur (full of inspiration Quotes) that has a good message for beginners and masters: Peter Voogd. Peter states that as a master the more people you are able to influence and help succeeding, the more successful you yourself in turn will become. For beginners Peter Voogd also has a good advice. The overload of information is making it extremely challenging to master anything. A beginner should focus on mastery instead of overload. The power lies in how fast you can implement the right information into your daily routine. Therefor take very few opinions, be a selective listener and start listening to voices of value. Listen to people you would trade places with and don’t take advice from those who don’t practice what they preach. TIP: apply for the Game Changers Academy of peter Voogd.

Peter Voogd Entrepreneur

Peter Voogd Mexico

Leo Waltman, Fly Cozumel CEO with Peter Voogd

“Every master was once a beginner” is definitely my favorite among Entrepreneur Quotes. I recently saw on Netflix a special named “The call to courage” by Brené Brown: highly recommend to watch. WOW! We were raised that vulnerability is a weakness (to avoid hard feelings like shame, fear, grief and scarcity). We don’t want other people to see our weaknesses. We want to stay protected. Do you want to show courage? Well, there is no courage without vulnerability. That simple. So you have to be able to chose courage over comfort, you have to become vulnerable. In private life, but also applicable in a business environment. The team of Fly Cozumel is a mix of beginners and masters. Vulnerability is not only present in the culture of Fly Cozumel, it is a key element. “No vulnerability, no creativity” and “No tolerance for failure, no innovation.”

Netflix Entrepreneur Talk
Brené Brown on Netflix

Another one of our other favorite Entrepreneur Quotes is by Jeff Bezos: “Keep our competitors focused on us, while we stay focused on the customer.”

Some final thoughts.

– When you become an Entrepreneur, when you start a business, have absolute clarity about your biggest motivation. WHY are you starting a business? This will become handy when things get rough, jaja.

– If you are a beginner (in whatever… sports, starting a company, etc): stay true to yourself, enjoy the process / the game and be aware that there is no such thing as overnight success!

– There are no failures in life and business! There are only results! Even the smallest daily improvements lead to amazing results over time. Everything you do “wrong” is a lesson!

–  As a master never forget where you came from, where it all began…

– A real master is somebody who develops more masters. The more people you are able to help succeeding, the more successful you yourself will become! This is what separates the successful entrepreneurs.

Among Entrepreneur Quotes, what is your personal favorite and why; we invite you to leave a comment!

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