Fly Cozumel is part of the live air traffic app Flightradar24 network.

Fly Cozumel announces that as of today it is a very proud partner of the live air traffic app Flightradar24. We installed equipment in our office so all over the world all air traffic in and around Cozumel can be followed live. YEAH!

Aviation lovers and professionals must have noticed over the years that Cozumel Island in Mexico had no coverage in the best and number 1 flight tracker app: Flightradar24. This plane tracker app lets you follow live air traffic around the world from any computer and mobile device (iOS and Android).

Fly Cozumel CEO Leo: “I never understood why our planes on the Flightradar24 app appeared and disappeared in the middle of the Caribbean sea and were to be found around Cozumel. We use Flightradar24 next to our SPOT GPS to keep track of any movements of our planes. The Flightradar24 is super easy to use and besides that accessible for friends and family of passengers. It is very common that we are being asked to keep people updated when a plane will arrive. Flightradar24 makes that so easy to do, so easy to track airplanes. Together with our COO Victor we tried to find out what could be done. We thought about a cause that planes were not being shown below a certain altitude. And we also thought of the coverage of Flightradar24. Could it be that there is no coverage yet in Cozumel? We both said that can’t be but lets not assume anything. We contacted the company and offered to help with coverage in the event needed. And then things went fast. We made an agreement and equipment was being sent. And today our director of maintenance David installed a complete ADS-B receiver set in our office (an antenna and a receiver).”

Flightradar24 is the best flight tracker app; over 150 countries the airplane tracker application lets you follow live air traffic around the world. Detailed information about each flight on a moving map in real-time is shown. It’s truly amazing.

Leo continues: “We are so proud. Cozumel International Airport (IATA: CZM, ICAO: MMCZ) is our home base and how is it possible that our own home was not functioning well? Well now it is. Thank you so much Flightradar24 for your trust. After David installed all we tested the app right away and had the joy to see our newest Fly Cozumel Cessna 206 (XA-COZ) departing from Cozumel Airport. LIVE. YEAHHHHHHHHHH it is working. So wherever you are in the world being curious or professionally interested in watching live air traffic in Cozumel… now you can! We immediately shared our happiness with the administrator of the Cozumel International Airport, the private airfield in Cozumel and with Federal Authority AFAC. When I founded Fly Cozumel my mission was not only to create impecable aerial experiences and have fun. I also wanted to improve the quality of aviation in the state Quintana Roo in Mexico. We fly factory new planes only. Being part of the Flightradar24 network, representing Cozumel, fits perfectly in this vision.”

Let’s give Flightradar24 some shameless promotion here. It is the world’s most popular flight tracker and the #1 travel application over 150 countries.

Some features of the application Flightradar24:

  • See flights travel around the world in real-time on a detailed map. And of course as of today including all flights in Cozumel, Fly Cozumel flights included;
  • Track flights by flight number, call sign, route and airline;
  • Get information about every flight, such as aircraft details, route, estimated time of arrival, actual time of departure, speed, altitude, high-resolution photos of the aircraft, and…..
  • This feature we at Fly Cozumel like a lot: find out which flights are near you with AR View simply by pointing your mobile device at the sky.

Millions of people are tracking flights with Flightradar24. Fly Cozumel is very proud to be part of the live air traffic app Flightradar24 network. Enjoy!

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