FlyCozumel team wears Gary Vee 003 Clouds & Dirt

The Fly Cozumel team has new shoes. We hear you thinking “I don’t care”; but take a minute to read the story behind the Shoes we are wearing. A motivational story about mindset and execution.

When Leo started FlyCozumel, many people thought he was totally crazy, laughed and did not support him. Being relatively new in the aviation business, competition was just waiting for him to fail. Leo tells: “This all motivated me like I have never ever, ever, ever, ever been motivated in my life before. My mindset was, and is, 100% focus. Not 99.99%. The full 100%. I truly enjoy being an entrepreneur. The combination of having a “crazy” big vision, just do it and live for it, while on the other hand there is the work until after midnight. That combination is thrilling, extremely satisfying. I live for it.

During the fantastic adventure of starting Fly Cozumel I ran into a video of someone named Gary Vaynerchuk. As an entrepreneur I am amused by hearing stories of others. Gary Vaynerchuk got my attention. The density of useful info and thoughts per minute is just beyond anything. The story of Gary is interesting and very inspiring. Highly recommendable reading.”

Gary is an investor and serial entrepreneur, a 5x NYT best selling author and ceo of Vayner X. He also appeared on Planet of the Apps. “Gary published about Clouds and Dirt. Mindset and execution. When I heard him talking all was very recognizable. Clouds and Dirt…. whaaaat?”

FlyCozumel Airplane and shoes

Gary: “The number 1 mistake that people are making in life today is they are living life in the middle. And I just say fuck the middle. You know 99.9% of the people that are hearing this content are living in the middle; they are hedging and making excuses and justifying why they are not 100% happy. When you understand you have to go to the heights of heights and figure out why you are doing this. How do you want to be remembered? How does it make you feel? Are you trading on a currency that is greater than money. Do you have the ability when you have all the leverage to have the empathy to give the other person the upper hand. Do you understand the game? Are you pulling from opposite directions for 13 hours, 19 hours, 24 hours of mentality and execution that it takes to achieve your goals? Do your actions match your ambition? Do you understand the clouds? The mission, where you’re going, the reasons why? You understand the dirt that creates the diamonds that we all strive for.”

So when Gary introduced his Clouds and Dirt sneaker in collaboration with K-Swiss, FlyCozumel decided “we all will wear Gary´s Sneakers”. The clouds, the high-end philosophy of what you believe, and the dirt: the low-down subject matter expertise that allows you to execute against it. Forget about everything else.

Anybody working at FlyCozumel must have a vision, we all must live and work in the clouds. But at the same time we must play in the dirt, try and learn. We should avoid living and working in the middle. Or in our case. FlyCozumel will never be an average company. We will take ourselves to the heights of the heights and its a great pleasure to have you on board! And Gary Vaynerchuk: thank you!

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