Pictures of Cozumel: the winner of 2019

Each year we organize a photo contest where we fly with photographers around Cozumel and one can vote for the best Pictures of Cozumel. This year we only took out only 1 Photographer, award winning Erik Ruiz, and in the last weeks one was able to vote for the winner of 2019.

With great pleasure we present to you the winning photo of all Pictures of Cozumel Erik made. Although voting is closed, all Pictures are still online: Cozumel Erik Ruiz Photo Contest 2019

True colors of Cozumel.

The Fly Cozumel team titled the winning picture: true colors of Cozumel. I remember very well when and how it was taken. We flew with Erik above Punta Sur (South West point of the island) when I suddenly heard his excitement through the headset. “Here, here, here, wow, wow, wow, wow. turn, turn, please”. This was the spot he wanted to take Pictures off. What a spectacular place.

We flew above the Columbia lagoon and Erik Ruiz spotted the brownish water mixing with the clear turquoise water of the ocean. Mother nature at its best. You simply can not believe it when you see the pallet of colors mixing with each other.

Punta Sur is an ecological reserve and an example how ecotourism should be done and continued. Since 1980 it is part of the National Park; it has a beautiful botanical garden. it is a home, a natural habit, to hundreds of birds of different species (this year various flamingos were spotted) and many different animals like crocodiles. Punta Sur is also a nesting place for sea turtles.

Why calling Erik´s Picture true colors? We live and work in Cozumel and we love Cozumel. What Erik memorized is the perfect balance between 1. the blue and turquoise ocean, 2. the green and brown nature and 3. tourism. Only one catamaran enjoying the ocean. This is Cozumel, all in balance, these are our true colors.

Thank you!

Thank you all for voting for the best Pictures of Cozumel. Thank you for taking the effort! We are grateful. Over 1000 people voted for Erik´s Pictures of Cozumel through our website and the winner of 2019 (36% of all votes), became “True colors of Cozumel“. As promised we would give away to one of the voters a free Island tour by Airplane. We have a winner (we did this 100% randomly), yeah! With pleasure we can announce that mr Stephen Wooding is the person that will fly with us above Cozumel. Stephen, congratulations, bring your camera. We will fly, of course, also above Punta Sur so you can take your own Pictures of Cozumel.

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