Recreating History: Chichen Itza like Charles Lindbergh

On October 7th, 1929 famous aviator Charles Lindbergh and archaeologists of the Carnegie Institution of Washington made a historical flight over Chichen Itza among others. During this flight the first aerial photos of Mayan sites were taken. 89 years later you have the opportunity Recreating History. Sunday October 7th of this year you can be part of Chichen Itza like Charles Lindbergh. And more….

On October 7th, departing from Cozumel, we will fly like Charles Lindbergh. And you can join! Flying low over the Yucatan peninsula jungle in search for Mayan Ruins. Flying close to the archaeological sites of Tulum, Coba and Chichen Itza. Looking through the thick vegetation for remains of Mayan civilization.

At FlyCozumel we are both aviation as archaeology lovers. When we read an article from Dorothy Cochrane, curator at Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, we got intrigued and inspired. She is a Charles Lindbergh expert and described his adventures in a way that really triggered us to redo part of this exciting flight. Imagine we could fly, explore and recreate history….

At the time of the flight in 1929 archaeologists of the Carnegie Institution of Washington were excavating several Mayan sites here in the jungle of Yucatan. When we discussed our idea of this Lindbergh anniversary flight with Archeologist Dante Garcia, he opted to add an element that will also make our flight historical. Let´s not just fly and explore… Lets add an exclusive expedition in Chichen Itza. We were all ears.

After our flight we will land in Chichen Itza and our archaeologist will take you to archaeological areas that are closed for public. Chichen Itza like you have never seen it before and that hardly anybody else will see. Imagine caves and Mayan structures older than the well known temple of Kukulkan. Archaeologist Dante Garcia, involved in various expeditions like National Geographic, GoPro and seen in a documentary by Morgan Freeman, will share knowledge with you that is in no comparison to any other tour. This is going to very exclusive; no tourists. And a spot in the world that hardly anybody else has seen before or will see in future. This is 100% exclusive traveling!

The first aerial pictures of the archeological site of Chichen Itza were taken on October 7th, 1929 and are now considered being iconic pictures. On board was archaeologist Dr Kidder and photos were taken of the site including El Castillo (Temple of Kukulkan), Temple of the Warriors, the Ball Court, and El Caracol. On the same day, 89 years later you can take yours…. And Dante Garcia, the onboard dr Kidder for 2018!



Dante explains: “American Aviator Charles Lindbergh was a true pioneer in aerial archaeology. I am very excited being a flying explorer on the 2018 flight. We will continue exploring the past on land. In Chichen Itza I will surprise the guests of this unique and exciting flight. We all know late-period Mayan culture. As a passionate archaeologist I am very excited to share the only place in the entire pre-Hispanic city of Chichen Itza where hieroglyphic Maya writing was recorded. The writing gave us an idea of what came first and what went next. It is the material evidence to affirm that the section of nuns, the ossuary, the observatory, etc. are constructions previous to the Castle of Kukulkan.”

Chichen Itza like Charles Lindbergh. Unique 1 time only experience.

499USD per person (airport tax included)

  • Sunday October 7th, 2018
  • 8am Cozumel airport.
  • Meet, greet and information with our Archaeologist.
  • Flight (air conditioned) towards mainland; fly by archaeological site of Tulum; fly by Mayan ruins of Coba; exploring and fly by Chichen Itza.
  • After landing in Chichen Itza, Archaeology Specialist Dante Garcias will show you the (hidden and very exclusive) secrets of Chichen Itza. Caves, structures, hieroglyphs and more.
  • Lunch
  • 35 minute return Flight from Chichen Itza to Cozumel.
  • Arrival in Cozumel around 4pm.

5 Fun Facts about Charles Lindbergh:

    1. Aviator Charles Lindbergh met his wife Anne Morrow in Mexico City. She was daughter of US ambassador in Mexico City at that time. Anne´s father had financed Diego Rivera’s murals in Cuernavaca.
    2. The name Lindbergh rang a bell? Charles is well known in history for the first solo transatlantic flight and the first non-stop flight between North America and the European mainland.
    3. The first photos of the site of Chichen Itza were taken by the Lindberghs flying a Sikorsky S-38. Charles flew between 152 and 457 meters (500 and 1,500 feet) above the canopy of trees gave them enough height to detect elevation changes at eye level, possibly signifying something worth investigating, while the “cruising speed” of 145 kph (90 mph) allowed for close inspection into the vegetation.
    4. The photographs of Chichen Itza that were taken in 1929 were to inaugurate the age of aerial archaeological reconnaissance. Over Chichen Itza Lindbergh himself took what many still consider the finest photograph of the entire city.
    5. Dorothy Cochrane, curator at Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum, quotes a part of the flight of Anne Lindbergh´s diary “We had one exciting day of finding mounds of ruins in the Quintana Roo country south of Yucatan. The thick jungle growth trails over mounds and masonry, like a blanket of snow; one can see nothing but an outline, usually. But it gives one a weird feeling to see a bit of wall – white masonry sticking nobly out of the tangling jungle, still fighting for breath. Unspeakably alone and majestic and desolate – the mark of a great civilization gone.”

Special thanks to Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum  / Dorothy Cochrane

Do you want to join us Recreating History?

Fly Cozumel is based out of the island of Cozumel with daily flights to Chichen Itza; in possession of the certificate of Excellence 2018 issued by TripAdvisor. More information and/or or reservations through phone / Whatsapp: +52-987-564-8162 or e-mail: Let´s go Chichen Itza like Charles Lindbergh!


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