New Video: Best of the North of Cozumel Island (Mexico)

We are in love with Cozumel Island, Mexico. Every single day we are amazed again and again by its beauty. And that already for many years. It is hard to explain the impact of “art by nature”, so we thought of attaching a GoPro camera to our Cessna 206 and film a flight from North West to North East of the island. We just uploaded this New Video to YouTube: The Best of the North. ENJOY.


Watch the video here: Best of the North of Cozumel Island (Mexico).

The North of Cozumel… How is it?

The North of our island is basically undeveloped; a beauty, a real beauty. A joy of colors. A paradise of natural elements. Caribbean turquoise ocean, lagoons, mangroves, manglares, trees, plants, unspoiled beaches and white sand. Even though the North side of Cozumel is not so popular, in our opinion, it is the treasure of the island.

We filmed flying from West to East; a distance of about 10 nautical miles / 19 kilometers. And we used the GoPro suction cup with a GoPro Hero 6.  Watch Passion Island, Pearl Farm and the Punta Molas lighthouse. The North of Cozumel is currently seaweed free.

The North of Cozumel… Things to do?

YES! The activities in the North side of Cozumel are limited, but when you are visiting Cozumel, staying on the island or visiting by cruise, definitely worth considering it.

7 things to do in the North of Cozumel.

1. Passion island

The combination of mangroves, jungle and coral reefs makes Passion Island a true paradise. There is a more touristic part with floating hammocks and paddle boards, but a short walk away you will find yourself in serenity. without anybody else. More info about Passion Island.

2. Spearfishing Cozumel

The North of Cozumel is home of Spearfishing Today. These guys know each rock, each cave and each inch of the drop offs. Spearfishing in Cozumel is freediving only. Eating ceviche of your catch on a secluded beach is one the options that are offered. More info.

3. Fly Fishing Cozumel

This part of our Island offers fan-tas-tic fishing grounds. Ivan Catzin is a recommended Fly Fishing guide and he calls this area fly fishing / flat fishing Paradise. Check him out.

4. SUP Cozumel


Raul DeLille is very familiar with the North coast. While flying we regularly we spot him with Stand Up Paddle Boards. What he usually does is drive you by boat to teh lagoons in teh North to SUP. A fantastic experience Sports.

5. Adrian Cozumel


Adrian? Adrian? Yes. Adrian. Google “Adrian Cozumel” and you will see why he is in this list. For more than 30 years Adrian has been taking guests to the most remote parts of Cozumel, including the North. When you are truly interested in a combo of adventure, history and purity, Adrian is your man. Highly recommended is his trip by boat to the Northern lighthouse: Punta Molas.

6. Pearl Farm

The only pearl farm in the Caribbean, surrounded by the mesmerizing turquoise waters of the North and a lagoon in the back. The Cozumel Pearl Farm is family owned and a delight to visit, picture a Robinson Crusoe kind of experience. There is a very limited production of pearls. More info.

7. FlyCozumel

Last but not least. Fly with us above the most secluded part of Cozumel, the North. We offer a scenic island tour that will show you the true beauty of our so beloved island. Watch here our New Video, a must see for Cozumel lovers: Best of the North of Cozumel Island (Mexico).

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