Things to do in Cozumel: new 3 Islands Tour

Looking for Things to do in Cozumel? Definitely check out our new 3 Islands Tour by airplane. A beautiful scenic flight showing not 1, not 2, but showing 3 Islands, all with its own typical character, in one hour only: Cozumel, Isla Mujeres and Isla Contoy.

The Fly Cozumel team is very excited about the new scenic tour. Operational Manager Fernanda “I remember well a meeting in our office where we were discussing what we really would like to show people visiting this beautiful part of Mexico. Isla Mujeres popped up. Then beautiful Isla Contoy as well. And of course, jiji, we also love to show our own Cozumel. The new fly tour was born. 3 islands in 1 scenic flight.

We then did a test flight, to see if this would be really something of value among the many Things to do in Cozumel. And we decided unanimously: YES it is! Note: it helps that we are flying in a brand new air conditioned Cessna 206 with headsets for all passengers, jaja.”

Arriving by cruise in Cozumel? Just being here for one day? Then the new 3 Islands Tour by airplane is a fantastic way to see 3 beautiful islands of our area in little time. We ourselves would definitely put it our our Things to do in Cozumel list!

When you are staying on Cozumel in a condo, a resort or in your own house, then the 3 Islands Tour is an excellent way to see a part of Cozumel from above and to explore Isla Mujeres and Isla Contoy as well.

Enjoy the spectacular nature of Cozumel, the majestic shades of blue around Isla Mujeres and the natural scenery of national park Isla Contoy!

Other Things to do by Fly Cozumel

  1. Chichén Itzá

Spend Your Time THERE … instead of GETTING there! Fly in 35 minutes only from Cozumel straight the the archaeological site of Chichén Itzá. No more ferry and no multiple hour bus ride. When visiting the Mayan Ruins of Chichén Itzá (UNESCO world heritage site and new seven wonder of the world) is a bucket litem for you, then this excursion should be on your Things to do in Cozumel list!

  1. Sian Ka´an

Talking about UNESCO… If you’ve seen it all in the world, then flying above Sian Ka´an, one of Mexico’s most pristine nature reserves, will still impress you! A UNESCO World heritage site, a beautiful biosphere reserve south of Tulum that will put life in perspective. Check it out!

  1. Four in One Mayan Ruins

When you are in Cozumel and archaeology and Mayan culture have your interest, then why not flying above 4 iconic Mayan ruins of the Yucatan Peninsula? YES you can. In 2 hours only unlimited and unrivaled views of Ek Balam, Chichén Itzá, Coba and Tulum.

Feel free to reach out to us ( for any advice and recommendations of Things to do in Cozumel! At your service!

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