This Summer we had the pleasure to meet Andrea, an avid traveler from Italy who was exploring the Riviera Maya and Cozumel Mexico. A day in Cozumel from Playa del Carmen to discover its beauties and going on various “not so standard” Excursions. Andrea is a nature, beach and sun lover and was really curious to visit the island of Cozumel and watch it from a different perspective. Therefor, before his trip to Mexico, he got in touch with us through WhatsApp and made reservations for the “Cozumel from the heavens” flight, one of most popular Excursions of Fly Cozumel.

Flights to Cozumel

On the day of the trip, It was an unusual cloudy day. Marco of Fly Cozumel met Andrea at the ferry station in Cozumel to go together to the airport and made him comfortable with the little language barrier. At the Cozumel airport, Andrea could not hide the happiness and the excitement to begin this air adventure and thanks to his positiveness the sun appeared right before departure. YEAH!

Finally, it was time to jump into the plane! Together with another enthusiastic couple, we headed to the new Cessna 206 airplane and took seat (but not before having some nice pictures taken of the small group). Everybody jumped into the plane, seat belt on, engine checks and green light to take off. In a few minutes only we were in the air.

Pilot Abraham, pilot of many Fly Cozumel Excursions, directed the beautiful plane first North towards Punta Norte, the Northern side of the island. Views were stunning and breathless, a very high WOW factor. The colors of the ocean impressed us so much; water was so clear that even watching it from more than 500 meters the reefs could be seen. Small boats were anchored by Passion island, bringing some tourists for a few hours excursion. Others were stopped a little bit further at the Pearl Farm. Andrea was just amazed, no words; the only thing he could do was admiring outside of the glass willing to be on land to meet these fantastic spots.

Then, we flew to the North-East side of the island, overpassing lagoons with its incredible miscellaneous colors flowing into the ocean through little canals. A fantastic view on the Punta Molas Lighthouse (and a dune buggy, jaja) followed. Another WOW!

We kept flying parallel to the East (wild) side of the island, passing boutique hotel Las Ventanas and it took only a few minutes until we reached Punta Sur where another lighthouse is situated. It is difficult to describe the beauty of the shades of yellow and brown of the lagoon right in contrast with the dazzling light blue, separated just by a little stream of land. After completing a loop over the lighthouse to give everybody the chance to take some pictures we headed toward El Cielo, the “place to be” for a beach break at the moment, in Cozumel’s National Marine Park (views on scuba diving, boat tours and water sports). One more time, words make no justice to the views and the colors. We were able to distinguish few boats and yachts and tourist having a refreshing bath in such a paradise.

Tours Cozumel

At this point we all noticed Andrea hadn’t talked for a while, probably dreaming just like us to be just relaxing and chilling in the middle of el Cielo for the rest of the afternoon. Actually Andrea wrote us later that he found out that visiting Punta Sur and El Cielo were 2 other highly recomendable Excursions in Cozumel.

After this last beautiful spot we headed back along the various hotels and resorts, the Cabana Beach club, Chankanaab, a cruise ship at the cruise port and then towards the airport. After a smooth and admirable landing carried out by pilot Abraham (first class according to Andrea), our feet touched again the land of Cozumel.

Andrea was so happy that he kept talking and talking and talking with Marco, moving his hands wildly in the air, like only a real Italian can do, jajajajajajaja. From his words, the experience was unforgettable and more than worthy. Thanks Andrea for flying with us! We truly hope to see you back in Mexico again soon for more Fly Cozumel Excursions.

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