Fly Cozumel stands for safe operations! Spot Gps allows us to track our planes, send and receive messages, our pilots can send Gps position and status while flying, our office can track our flights on Spot mapping and notify search and rescue officials in the event of an emergency. Our Spot devices provide peace of mind. For us and for you. Welcome to the Fly Cozumel team: Spot Gps.

“Our airplanes are factory new and have the very, very latest technology onboard. That by itself makes operations so much safer and makes the chance on emergency situations considerably smaller. Also in the event of an emergency, having the latest equipment onboard is a huge benefit. Thanks to professional companies like Cessna and Garmin, flying in airplanes with the latest of the latest technology, makes flying are incredibly safe.” says Leo Waltman, CEO of Fly Cozumel.

That being said….

Why using Spot Gps in aviation?

Who doesn’t know the sayings “plan b” or “back up plan”? In aviation a “plan b” is part of the standard way of thinking. For example the flight deck of the Fly Cozumel planes have screens that show all essential info the pilot needs to take off, fly and land safely. As plan B, basic, but very essential information is also visible through conventional meters. So in the event digital information fails the essential info will accessible in a conventional way.


Leo: “There is an “emergency button” in our planes. But in the event of an emergency every minute counts and a plan B is therefore a very good thing. Fly Cozumel chose to work with Spot Gps. It truly is the Ideal tracking and communications equipment! Every single move of our airplanes is being registered and reported. At the Fly Cozumel office we are able to follow the flights of all our different airplanes on 1 single screen. With the exact Gps position. When a pilot lands safely he pushes the OK button and the office receives that notice. In the event of an emergency, the exact Gps position is known. Above that when the pilot pushes the SOS button on the Spot Gps device it will not only send the office an emergency message but it will also immediately (!) Activate all emergency services. And these will act instantly.”

What models of Spot Gps is Fly Cozumel using?


Fly Cozumel is using 2 different Spot devices. The Spot Gen 3 (satellite gps messenger) and the Spot X (2 way satellite messenger with bluetooth). “Be alone, not out of reach” Spot says. And it is so right! The Spot Gen 3 stands for a critical, life saving line of communication. Fly Cozumel moves beyond the boundaries of mobile phone services. And with the small Gen 3 pilots can easily let the office know they are ok after landing. And of course, if the worst would happen, send emergency message with a GPS location to emergency responders. The Spot X offers all the Spot Gen 3 has. Additional it has its own mobile number, so anybody can message it directly at any time wherever the plane is flying. The pilot using the Spot X can message back, also at any time and as important… at any place. It can work stand alone, but also it can be connected to your smartphone through bluetooth and through the Spot app you are able to text and receive texts on your phone. It is rechargeable through USB.

Both devices we use to track and to check in (let the office know “we´re ok”).

Review by Fly Cozumel of Spot Gps.

What a great product / service!! Highly recommended for anybody flying! And for any off the grid adventure seekers! Spot Gps always works! The monthly subscription is very reasonable. The app on a mobile device is easy to use. Tracking through a computer was as well. Oh, and all devices can be viewed individually and together on one map. What a peace of mind! Without hesitation Fly Cozumel gives Spot Gps 10 out of 10 stars!

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