The 5 most Instagrammable Spots Near Tulum, Cancun and Cozumel.

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Traveling is one of the most edifying activities, as it allows us to appreciate the great wealth and natural wonders of our planet, in addition to acknowledging the value and importance of other cultures. Whether it’s for business or pleasure, with family, friends, or even alone, traveling lets us be filled with unforgettable experiences, taste the most exotic food, visit historic places, and seeing the many natural wonders of the world. Millions of people also travel the globe with the single purpose of taking the best photos and share them on their social networks. While it may sound odd, it’s a growing trend, and many travelers are even making a living of it! Especially on Instagram, where it does not matter if you are a celebrity or not, if your photo is good and you play a few tricks, like choosing the right hashtags, you’ll have a good chance of going viral.

Cancun, Tulum, Cozumel and the Riviera Maya, some of the most popular destinations globally for the incredible beaches, unique cenotes, and enigmatic archaeological sites offer countless gorgeous locations, which travelers seek to shoot the best photos to post on the most popular social network.

If you’re coming to this part of the world, The Mexican Caribbean and want to know where to take the best photos, here’s our pick for the 5 most Instagrammable places near Tulum, Cancun and Cozumel.

5 – Tulum Beach

Tulum Beach Instagram
Tulum Beach

Once a tranquil fishermen town, Tulum has become one of the trendiest beach destinations in the world. Not only for its incredible turquoise waters, white-sand beaches, and unparalleled boho-chic vibe but also for its impressive archaeological site, settled over a cliff facing the Caribbean Sea. Tulum is always listing on the gram top trends, as it is visited by top models, rockstars and celebrities from all around the world who seek this Caribbean jewel for its beauty and unique-style hotels to shoot the most amazing picks. Search for #tulum on Instagram to see it for yourself!

4 – Holbox Island

Holbox Beach

After a 25 minutes flight from Cancun or a 2 hours ride by car and another 20 minutes by ferry , is possible to get to Holbox, a beautiful island that seems to have been stuck in the past, but in a very nice way. In Holbox, you won’t find big buildings, traffic, or a Starbucks on every corner; there are no paved streets even! But it is precisely the simple and “un-urbanized” style of the island that makes it so attractive to ‘grammers from around the world. The beauty of this town is not only found in its small streets and chilled lifestyle but also in its white-sand beaches of clear, shallow waters, where it’s possible to shoot the best sunrise photos. On this island is also possible to book a tour to swim with the imposing whale sharks. So if you visit during whale shark season, do not miss the opportunity to live this experience. Holbox is a magical destination and a great place for good photos. We recommend renting a bike and explore the town and the coastline for secret photo spots! If you don’t feel like taking the 2 and a half hour journey to get there, remember that you can always get to Holbox by plane and arrive in less than 30 minutes.

3 – Chichen Itza, Yucatan

Chichzen Itza Luxury
Chichén Itzá site

Even if you’ve never been to Chichen Itza, there is a very high chance that you’ll have spotted it on Instagram. As a UNESCO World Heritage Site and part of the New 7 Wonders of the World, it’s one of the most popular archaeological sites worldwide and, of course, a great spot for Instagram pics. Although its located in Yucatan, visiting it is one of the most popular tours in Cancun and the Riviera Maya, so it was only natural to include it on our list. The big temple of god Kukulkan, the central attraction of this site, is the most known symbol of the ancient Mayan culture worldwide and a favorite for Instagrammers. While most photos shot here are quite similar, you can still get creative and get an awesome pic in one of its many buildings, temples, and statues. Though it remained closed for the past months due to the COVID pandemic, it has re-opened recently; you can find everything you need to know to get to Chichen Itza here.

2- Isla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres Helicopter

A trip to Isla Mujeres means you’re never far away from a photogenic spot to add to your Instagram. This gorgeous Caribbean Island located in front of the coasts of Cancun is packed with everything you need to live an unforgettable vacation, and of course, with incredible Instagrammable spots. There’s no better spot for sunrise lovers than Punta Sur; This particular spot is where the first rays of light touch the country day after day, so who wouldn’t like a sunrise photo here? If you’re more of a sunset Instagrammer, Playa Norte -on the other side of the island, obviously – has no equal, as you’ll have the Cancun bay as background for your shots. Isla Mujeres is definitely like made for putting on the ‘gram.

1 – El Cielo, Cozumel

El Cielo Cozumel Instagram
El Cielo Beach, Cozumel

And of course, we saved the best for last. El Cielo is a sandbar located 800 meters from the Island of Cozumel’s coast. This unique Caribbean spot gets its name because it’s inhabited by a good number of starfish that lay peacefully on the seafloor, pretty close to the surface, so you’ll have the sensation of swimming in the sky surrounded by stars. The color of the shallow waters and the starfish’s beauty make El Cielo one of the most instagrammable places not only in Mexico but arguably in the world. You can’t miss it when visiting Cozumel, especially if you’re looking to get incredible photos. Keep in mind that El Cielo is located in a protected reserve, and starfish are a very delicate and endangered species, so don’t even think of touching them! No photo is worthy of messing with these peaceful and beautiful creatures. Help us preserve it.


There are many more spots around that make great Instagram opportunities; coming to just five wasn’t an easy task, so consider this the first list of many more to come!

So now you know; If you’re looking to go viral on Instagram while you’re on vacations in Cancun, Tulum, Cozumel or the Riviera Maya, don’t miss visiting one or all of these 5 most fantastic Instagrammable Spots. Don’t forget to tag us on your Instagram pics!

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