The most Romantic Things To Do in the Riviera Maya

Valentine's Day is close, we thought of sharing some Romantic Things To Do in the Riviera Maya. This fantastic place offers a lot of opportunities to feel and demonstrate love to others.

Nothing shows self-love or demonstrates how you care for your beloved ones, like traveling together to a paradisiac place, especially a Caribbean destination. There’s something magical about this place, with the sea breeze and the sound of palms “dancing” to the wind setting a unique mood, letting us connect with the elements and our inner selves. That feeling spreads to others, allowing us to feel the love together. Sounds too corny? Probably! But since Valentine’s Day is close, we thought of sharing some Romantic Things To Do in the Riviera Maya. This fantastic place offers a lot of opportunities to feel and demonstrate love to others. In the end, love is all you need, right? Ok, here we go.

First things first:  What is the Riviera Maya? 

The Riviera Maya is a tourist and resort district located in Quintana Roo, on the Yucatan Peninsula. This vacation corridor of stunning beaches and resorts set next to the Caribbean Sea extends from the little town of Puerto Morelos to the famous city of Playa del Carmen and all the way to Tulum. Each of these places is home to impressive cenotes, luxurious resorts, adventure parks, and gorgeous beaches, which travelers from around the world visit to enjoy laying under the sun to get tanned and sip cocktails, while the turquoise sea waves hit the shore, luring everyone to dip in the crystal waters of the Mexican Caribbean.

Romantic activities To Do in the Riviera Maya

For the many Things To Do in the Riviera Maya, it is a perfect family vacation spot. But it is also famous for being one of the top wedding destinations in the world. Thousands of couples come to the Riviera’s spectacular beaches to tie the knot with the Caribbean Sea as a witness for the perfect beach wedding. The starry nights and the incomparable sunsets set a unique atmosphere ideal for a Romantic experience. So, if you’re thinking of visiting for a dreamy escapade, here’s a list of Romantic To Do in the Riviera Maya to turn the sparkle of love into a flame of romance!

Romantic dinner on the beach

Of course, we had to include this option on the list! Love feels better with a happy tummy, and food is tastier when enjoyed with your significant other, to the light of candles while enjoying dinner on the beautiful beach just after sunset. Add some live music mixed with the sea breeze choir in the background to create one of the best love memories! Most of the Riviera Maya resorts offer the service on request. Check out the  Fuego Restaurant at Mahekal resort, a highly rated oceanfront restaurant and bar with numerous awards.

Romantic Dinner Riviera Maya

Tulum escapade

Tulum has quickly become a high-end beach destination. Its impressive white-sand beaches and the boho-chic atmosphere of boutique hotels of state of the art facilities, like Azulik, a romantic, beautiful rustic adult-only clothing-optional beachfront hotel, make Tulum a favorite spot for couples searching for passionate adventures. Also, sunsets in Tulum are incredible for unforgettable beach strolls.

Azulik Tulum Beach

Marriage proposal in the air

Getting engaged is a huge milestone, so be sure to make your marriage proposal a truly unforgettable experience! Imagine swearing eternal love while flying over the Mexican Caribbean on a modern, comfortable brand new plane; Say the words surrounded by the gorgeous sights of the sun setting on the horizon for an unforgettable memory that will last forever! It is the most original marriage proposal ever, and it’s available only with us. Learn more about the “love is in the air” experience by clicking here, and let us be part of one of the most important moments of your life.

Airplane Tours Tulum


A tour to Heaven on Earth

Yeah, that’s a thing, and it is only available in Cozumel Island, ideal for adventurous couples that love aquatic activities. Take your beloved one on board of a catamaran to visit one of the most surreal places on Earth. El Cielo, “heaven on Earth,” is a magical spot in Cozumel, famous for its shallow, crystal clear waters inhabited by nothing but beautiful starfish, that will literally make you feel like flying amongst the stars! This is one of Cozumel’s most wanted experiences and one of the top romantic Things To Do in the Riviera Maya.

No matter if you’re in the Riviera Maya or anywhere else, love is all around! Feeling and expressing it is what really makes this world go round! We wish you enjoy a happy Valentine’s Day, especially if you’re visiting the Riviera Maya.

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