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Cozumel By Air

Fly with us and be astounded by the amazing turquoise blue Caribbean sea by airplane! You will fly over Passion Island, Punta Molas, Cozumel Wild Side, famous beaches, Punta Sur, Cozumel Marine Park’s amazing coral reefs, El Cedral, cruise piers and downtown Cozumel San Miguel in all safety & comfort.

Chichen Itza by Air

Fly with us to Chichen Itza in only 45 minutes! You will arrive at the famous Mayan Ruins before the crowds and before the hot weather. No more traveling by ferry and by bus for hours and hours! Visit the famous archaeological site of Chichen Itza comfortably in one day with Fly Cozumel.

Safety is a Priority

Our planes are in top notch shape. Our permits and insurance are fully up to date. The pilots of Fly Cozumel are trained to give you the safest, most informative and most enjoyable trip. We all are at your service and we guarantee we will do a great job!

We are Passionate

You will surely have an amazing time during the flight as our pilots share their knowledge about history and points of interest. We are passionate about Mexico, about flying and we want to share our passion and our knowledge with you!

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Tour Reviews

Tracy, Chris & Nick

The #1 Cozumel to Chichen Itza Tour By Plane in 45 Minutes!

Our entire adventure was amazing! Each of the crew of the day was wonderful and great & we really enjoyed the flight, Oyuki and Tortuga especially!! What an amazing cultural experience of Maya era we enjoyed. We will recommend Fly Cozumel! This was our 4th archeological trek- (& the most special) on our Mexico trip! Thank you all and a great upcoming Christmastime to all! -Kind Regards, Tracy, Chris & Nick


Cozumel Island Flight: Cozumel from the Heavens

Best experience in the most beautiful place
My brother and I shared the amazing experience of flying over the entire coastline of Cozumel which was truly magnificent and unforgettable.

Leo and the captain where incredibly generous, friendly and fun.

I would like to thank you for the most amazing time.

I would highly recommend this experience to anyone.

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