Cozumel Excursions: Scenic Flights over Tall Ships.

Fantastic! Cozumel Island was one of the locations of the “Velas LatinoAmérica 2018 series” earlier this week; of course Fly Cozumel organized numerous Scenic Flights over the amazing Tall Ships, various Excursions executed with great success. Eight Tall ships in total visited our island, and all our guests got a [...]

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Is There Sargassum Sargasso Seaweed On The Beach In Cozumel?

It is a question we receive daily these days: Is There Sargassum Sargasso Seaweed On The Beach In Cozumel? Its a legit question and as we fly daily above Cozumel island we are able to answer this question precisely. Feel free to reach out to us, also about the current [...]

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We Have a Winner! Student’s Photo Voted #1 in 3rd Annual Photo Contest

Following four days of heavy traffic on the Fly Cozumel website, the votes have been counted and… WE HAVE A WINNER! 825 voters took to the internet to place their click for their favorite photo of Cozumel. Closing out on midnight, the final tally proved to be a nail-biter. So [...]

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Time to Celebrate! Armando Manzanero Chichen Itza Concert Live with Fly Cozumel!

Never has the phrase “Better late than never” seemed more appropriate than now. That’s because Fly Cozumel is offering round-trip charters to experience the Armando Manzanero tribute concert live at Chichen Itza on February 3rd. For those of you not in the know, Armando Manzanero is one of the most [...]

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