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Get all the information and tips you need to learn about getting around Cozumel, things to do, exchanging money, where to eat and much more!

Best Beach Clubs

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I Your guide to the best Cozumel beach clubs including their location, average costs, and beach club amenities to enjoy while in Cozumel for a day.

Chichen Itza Guide

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Our review of our shore excursion to Chichen Itza from Cozumel in just 45 minutes by plane including what to expect, weather, and tour details.

Cozumel Cruise Port Guide 2017

Our Cozumel Cruise Port Guide provides you with a brief overview of some of the things you can expect while at port in Cozumel with your preferred cruise ship.

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10 Reasons to Never Visit Cozumel Mexico

Cozumel Island Mexico

If you don’t like beaches, having fun, Mayan ruins, the Caribbean Sea, fish and fishing, being pampered at beach clubs, incredible cuisine, stunning sunsets, small town charm, great live music, and some of the most incredibly friendly and genuine people you’ll ever meet, you’ll love these ten reasons to never visit Cozumel, Mexico.

Top Cozumel Shore Excursions & Things to Do

With all the things to do in Cozumel, you may feel overwhelmed and unsure about what are the best shore excursions for you and your travel party. Our top ten list of top cruise excursions in Cozumel offers you a diverse array of fun, tropical activities that are great for all ages while visiting our island for a day of fun in the sun.

Scenic Flight over Cozumel Island

Island Tour Cozumel by North Airplane

While enjoying Cozumel Island from land and sea is a phenomenal experience that we highly recommend, there’s nothing like heading up into the heavens for a spectacular scenic flight over the island’s beaches, mangroves, jungle, houses, and stunning the Caribbean Sea. Photography buff or avid flyer? This one is definitely for you!

Tripadvisor Reviews

Fly Cozumel consistently receives 5-star reviews on TripAdvisor, and for good reason.
Our commitment to service and safety are unrivaled in the region, and we always strive to provide each and every guest with an unforgettable experience flying over the Yucatan Peninsula and the Caribbean Sea.

We don’t just want you to experience a typical shore excursion that is simply satisfying.

Have a look at our TripAdvisor reviews and see for yourself.

With Fly Cozumel, the sky is no longer the limit.

Getting Around

Cozumel sunset

Getting around Cozumel is simple.

Because it’s a relatively small island, you won’t necessarily need to rent a car unless your idea is to set out on your own to explore Cozumel.

Bicycles, mopeds, cars, and jeeps are all available for rent at decent prices. However, first decide whether or not you are really going to need one or not.

If you plan to spend most of your time at a beach club or go on an excursion, simply take a taxi from your port of call and don’t worry about the hassle.

If you go on a tour with Fly Cozumel or many other local tour operators, transportation is normally included.

We do recommend that you refrain from renting a moped. Not knowing traffic regulations and rights of way can lead to unforeseen accidents.

Useful Numbers


You probably won’t need to call any of these numbers, except Fly Cozumel, of course. However, it never hurts to have them handy just in case there is anything you need.

Please take in mind that the area code for Cozumel is 987 and 984 for neighboring Playa del Carmen.

If you’re calling from outside of Mexico, be sure to dial +52 before putting in the area code and the rest of the number.

For calls within Mexico made from a landline to another landline, you’ll need to dial 1 prior to the area code. Calls to cell phones require 045 to be dialed and then the area code.

Fly Cozumel: 987-564-8162

Emergencies: 911

Fire department: 987-872-0800

Police department: 987-872-0409

Migration Institute: 987-872-0071

U.S. Consulte: 987-872-4574

Canadian Consulate: 984-803-2411

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