Fly Cozumel excursions are the best and most exciting way to experience the beauty of Cozumel and the surrounding Caribbean Sea and Yucatan Peninsula.

Our Cozumel excursions get you quickly and safely to stunning local destinations such as Chichen Itza, the Sian Ka’an nature reserve, Tulum, Cancun, Holbox, and even Merida!

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Mayan Ruins

$ 1,275 fromUSD
Up to 13 passengers
4.5 hours
Visit Chichén Itzá by plane! The UNESCO World Heritage Site and Seven New Wonder of the World, are only 35-minute flight from Cozumel. Arrive in comfort before the crowds and before the hot weather.
Up to 13 passengers
2.5 hours
Visit ALL of the iconic Mayan Ruins of Chichen Itza, Ek Balam, Coba, and Tulum in just a few hours.
$ 1,250 fromUSD
$ 850 fromUSD
Up to 5 passengers
1 hour
Fly to the Mayan ruins of Tulum in just 20 minutes from Cozumel! Arrive before the crowds at the ancient city, where Mayan history meets the amazing colors of the Caribbean Sea

Scenic Flights

$ 495 fromUSD
Up to 5 passengers
50 min - 1 hour
Experience breathtaking views of this stunning Caribbean island on the scenic Cozumel tour by airplane. Discover some the most iconic landmarks on a spectacular 45-minute flight!
Up to 5 passengers
2 hours
Join us on the Sian Ka'an tour and experience the unbelievable beauty of one of Mexico’s most pristine nature reserves on a spectacular 2 hrs flight over some of Mexico’s most stunning land and seascapes!
$ 1,050 fromUSD
$ 995 fromUSD
Up to 5 passengers
1 hour
The unspoiled and spectacular nature of Cozumel Island, the majestic and unseen shades of blue and turquoise around Isla Mujeres and the natural scenery of Isla Contoy (national park) are waiting for you.
Up to 5 passengers
50 min - 1 hour
Experience a Cozumel sunset from a completely unique and unforgettable perspective of Cozumel Island’s famous sunsets.
$ 495 fromUSD

Special Flights

$ 199 fromUSD
Up to 5 passengers
15 - 30 minutes
Getting engaged is a huge milestone, be sure to make your marriage proposal a truly unforgettable experience! Take your significant other to heaven and back!

Forget drones! Our aerial photography flights from Cozumel take you to the all the best destinations in the Riviera Maya and Yucatan Peninsula to get the absolute best shots as you reveal the magic of this stunning region through images!

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$ 495 fromUSD
Up to 5 passengers
1 hour
Experience the joy of flight and learning to pilot your own plane. Take your friends and family along with you to show off your newfound skills as a captain.

Cozumel Specials

$ 250 fromUSD
Up to 4 passengers
5 hours
Fly private to Cozumel and enjoy the best luxury escape to this beautiful island relaxing in a private beach front Cabana.

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