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Fly Cozumel Excursions

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Fly Cozumel excursions are the best and most exciting way to experience the beauty of Cozumel and the surrounding Caribbean Sea and Yucatan Peninsula.

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Our Cozumel excursions get you quickly and safely to stunning local destinations such as Chichen Itza, the Sian Ka’an nature reserve, Tulum, Cancun, Holbox, and even Merida!

What’s more, you can get to most of these incredible destinations in just 45 minutes, making them great shore excursions for cruise ship passengers!

Cozumel Tours

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Mayan Ruins

The great Mayan ruins of the Yucatan Peninsula are not just a testament to a highly advanced civilization which has long since disappeared. On the contrary, the numerous Mayan ruins of the Riviera Maya and Yucatan remain as part of a living history whose influence, beliefs, and culture still play a major role in our everyday lives. With Fly Cozumel, a visit to these amazing pyramids, which served as ceremonial centers and even astrological observatories, becomes even more bucket list worthy when you combine a guided visit of the Mayan ruins with spectacular scenic flights over the mesmerizing land and seascapes.

Chichen Itza by plane in 35 Minutes

Starting at $1275 USD

Visit the archaeological site of Chichen Itza from Cozumel by plane and arrive in just 35 minutes! The Mayan ruins, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and Seven New Wonder of the World, are only a short 35-minute flight from Cozumel. Arrive in style and comfort at the famous site before the crowds and before the hot weather.

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4-in-1 Mayan Ruins

Starting at $1250 USD

Visit ALL of the iconic Mayan Ruins of the Yucatan Peninsula in just a few hours with Fly Cozumel.  You’ll travel in first-class style aboard a modern Cessna airplane as you fly over the historical sites of Chichen Itza, Ek Balam, Coba, and Tulum. In just two hours, you’ll see four culturally important Mayan sites that would otherwise take days to visit!

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Cozumel to Tulum from the Heavens

Starting at $850 USD

Fly Cozumel will bring you to the Mayan ruins of Tulum in just 20 minutes by plane from Cozumel! You will arrive at the ancient city of Tulum before the crowds and before the hot weather. No more traveling by ferry and by bus for hours! Visit Tulum where Mayan history meets the amazing colors of the Caribbean Sea!

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Scenic Flights

Fly Cozumel offers spectacular scenic flights in the skies above the Riviera Maya and Yucatan Peninsula. Our scenic flights have a number of possible destinations, depending on what it is you would like to do or see. For instance, our scenic Cozumel tour will take you on a stunning 45-minute flight to visit Cozumel Island from above. The Sian Kaan tour, on the other hand, allows you to take in breathtaking views of one of Mexico’s largest nature reserves. Just have a look at our Sian Ka’an pictures to get an idea of the spectacular beauty that awaits!  Our sunset tour is another great option, especially if you’re looking to spice up a romantic occasion!

Sian Ka’an Tour by Air

Starting at $1050 USD

Join us on the Sian Kaan tour from Cozumel and experience the unbelievable beauty of one of Mexico’s most pristine nature reserves and UNESCO World Heritage Site on a spectacular 1.5 flight over some of Mexico’s most stunning land and seascapes!

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Scenic Cozumel Island Tour

Starting at $495 USD

Experience breathtaking views of this stunning island on the scenic Cozumel tour by airplane and discover some the most amazing views of the Caribbean Sea and Cozumel Island’s most iconic landmarks on a spectacular 45-minute flight!

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Cozumel Sunset Flight

Starting at $495 USD

Experience a Cozumel sunset from a completely unique and unforgettable perspective on the Cozumel Sunset Tour and take in the breathtaking and magical views of Cozumel Island’s famous sunsets from the safety and comfort of a modern Cessna airplane.

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Special Flights

Choose our special Cozumel flights that allow you to experience a completely unique and personalized experience in the skies above the Mexican Caribbean. Would you like to learn about the principles of flight and test your skills as you fly above the island? Are you a professional or budding photographer looking for that special shot of this tropical paradise? These excursions are tailor-made just for you!

Learn to Fly

Starting at $495 USD

Experience the joy of flight and learning to pilot your own plane on our special discovery flight over Cozumel Island. Take your friends and family along with you to show off your newfound skills as a captain. We’ve got clearance, Clarence!

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Aerial Photography

$595 USD

Forget drones! Our aerial photography flights from Cozumel take you to the all the best destinations in the Riviera Maya and Yucatan Peninsula to get the absolute best shots as you reveal the magic of this stunning region through images!

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