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Whether you are interested in a Scenic Air Tour above the island of Cozumel or thinking about a trip by airplane to the ruins of Chichen Itza; checkout the Fly Cozumel reviews from our happy customers. From the air you can truly see the majesty and beauty of Cozumel Island. Flying to Chichen Itza will save you time and you will arrive before the crowds and the heat. Flying yourself above Cozumel as a co-pilot you will never, ever forget. The Sunset Airplane Tour Cozumel is the most memorable sightseeing excursion of Cozumel. But… simply claiming “we are the best” is not enough. Please find some of our latest testimonials. Guests that booked a flight with Fly Cozumel and reviewed our service. We guarantee we will do a great job; from the moment you contact us until we bring you back after the flight. Reviews of our guests will help you to reassure you really (and only) want to fly with Fly Cozumel. Our planes are in top notch shape; our permits and insurance are fully up to date; and our pilots are sharp every single flight. That is the minimum you can expect from a company like Fly Cozumel. The team of Fly Cozumel gives you more, much more! We are passionate about Cozumel, about Mexico, about flying and we want to share our passion and our knowledge with you! We all are at your service and we guarantee we will do a great job! Check out our social media pages as Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram. And find more reviews on TripAdvisor and Yelp. If you yourself have a story to tell about or pictures to share of a trip with FlyCozumel, share; we love to hear back from you. By e-mail ( or through Facebook, TripAdvisor or Yelp.

Tracy, Chris & Nick

The #1 Cozumel to Chichen Itza Tour By Plane in 45 Minutes!

Our entire adventure was amazing! Each of the crew of the day was wonderful and great & we really enjoyed the flight, Oyuki and Tortuga especially!! What an amazing cultural experience of Maya era we enjoyed. We will recommend Fly Cozumel! This was our 4th archeological trek- (& the most special) on our Mexico trip! Thank you all and a great upcoming Christmastime to all! -Kind Regards, Tracy, Chris & Nick


Cozumel Island Flight: Cozumel from the Heavens

Best experience in the most beautiful place
My brother and I shared the amazing experience of flying over the entire coastline of Cozumel which was truly magnificent and unforgettable.

Leo and the captain where incredibly generous, friendly and fun.

I would like to thank you for the most amazing time.

I would highly recommend this experience to anyone.


The #1 Cozumel to Chichen Itza Tour By Plane in 45 Minutes!

Best Cruise Excursion! Go see Chitzen Itza !
From start to finish, this was an amazing way to explore one of the wonders of the world! A short 45 min flight allowed us ample time (~2.5 hours) to see the ruins and amazing Mayan art/culture in the cooler morning time. We arrived back (~2:45) for a relaxed lunch at the port. Oyuki was our guide for the whole excursion, picked us up at the cruise terminal exit exactly on the set time, and arranged all transportation to/from the port.. Leo and his team were professional and worked to make sure we had a great time. We booked directly through Fly Cozumel by email and a call. We have some great new memories, some cool photos, and a few new friends!


The #1 Cozumel to Chichen Itza Tour By Plane in 45 Minutes!

Great day at Chichen Itza!
We had arranged a day tour with FlyCozumel as part of our stop with Carnival Cruise ship. A really wonderful experience for the whole family (me, my wife and our three sons 15-13 and 5 years old). A skilled pilot took us without any problems to Chichen Itza airport and then we have excellent guide of both Chichen Itza and a Cenote. No stress but we had time to see and experience all that we wanted. Could not have been better and would recommend this to anyone stopping in Cozumel.


The #1 Cozumel to Chichen Itza Tour By Plane in 45 Minutes!

Like I used to do, you’re on this page ’cause you want to know if Flycozumel is a reliable local partner for your excursion. Arriving on cruisehip in Cozumel, we wanted to visit Chichen Itza, avoiding 8h of travel by ferry and bus. For the selection of our excursions, we’ve send out several mails to several local companies. As from the first reaction by mail, it was clear that Leo had something extra. A very warm mail, with lot’s of details, creating a good feeling. A few more mails back and forth and we had a booking. What follows is even better. An amazing experience : personal pickup at cruise terminal, flying direclty to Chichen Itza without any hazzle or any waiting times at airport and under permanent guidance. Admission for Chichen Itza, assistance of a local guide : all was arranged. Even a fly-by to the cruiseship 🙂 Flycozumel says clearly what it does and does exactly what has been said and promised. Now, your next step : mail Leo to arrange your trip. 🙂


The #1 Cozumel to Chichen Itza Tour By Plane in 45 Minutes!

Very happy with Leo and the team. Quick answers upfront via mail. Correct and timely pick-up at port. Excellent and Well organized trip. I recommand using them for Andy trip you World plan. IT is worth even penny.


The #1 Cozumel to Chichen Itza Tour By Plane in 45 Minutes!

Huge gratitude to
I want to say a thank to! It was a unforgettable pastime! Comfortable flight, interesting excursion! Everything was on a high level of service! And ofcourse thanks a lot Leo!! He always was in touch. Gave a lot of information on a travel and on the organization of a travel. I am very glad for our communication with! Thank you so much for trip!!!


The #1 Cozumel to Chichen Itza Tour By Plane in 45 Minutes!

“Trustworthy and reliable business”

Preface: All of my plans were cancelled due to some unforeseen circumstances, so, while I never took my tour with FlyCozumel, I would like to add a review here for the excellent customer service.

Leo and team work hard to make the entire booking and arrangement experience as seamless as possible. It’s rare to find a business that operates and communicates so well with customers from all over the world.

Eagerly awaiting the chance to make another attempt to go on a tour with FlyCozumel … I know i will book with them.


Cozumel Island Flight: Cozumel from the Heavens

When we visited Cozumel, my fiance wanted to plan a memorable way to propose to me… Leo was so helpful in providing just that! He was so nice, very responsive, and basically offered to do anything to help Austin pull it off. His friendly demeanor made us very comfortable, and he even snapped a few pictures of us after the proposal and beautiful shots of the view for us to remember it by! Beyond just the excitement of the proposal, the flight was smooth, relaxing, and BEAUTIFUL. To see the water and the reefs from that height was amazing, and we also got to see the far side of the island that is mostly jungle and abandoned boats. Super cool for my aviation-minded fiance and my own adventure seeking self. Thanks, Fly Cozumel!!


The #1 Cozumel to Chichen Itza Tour By Plane in 45 Minutes!

My husband, 13 year old son, and myself took a cruise that docked in Cozumel. Rather than take the cruise excursion, we decided to book the tour with Fly Cozumel. I can honestly say, I would not have visited Chichen Itza any other way. Pamela, Daniel, and Alfredo were fantastic!!! Pamela made sure we got to each location on time and saw everything we wanted to see. The team is wonderful and very knowledgeable. You definitely get first-class treatment when you fly with them. We hope to return again soon and take other tours with Fly Cozumel. I highly recommend them, and they made our experience the best memorable one we have ever experienced! Flying with them for our 27th year wedding anniversary was the best gift ever!!!!


The #1 Cozumel to Chichen Itza Tour By Plane in 45 Minutes!

Thank you Leo!
That entire day was awesome! Thank you so much!


The #1 Cozumel to Chichen Itza Tour By Plane in 45 Minutes!

We all so loved our tour. Fly Cozumel is truly numero uno! Oyuki takes wonderful pix. It was a REAL pleasure finally getting to meet Leo.
I have done tours all over the world & Tortuga is the best I have ever seen as he is so knowledgable & makes the site come alive. The best part of our trip!


The #1 Cozumel to Chichen Itza Tour By Plane in 45 Minutes!

Amazing 50th Birthday, and a great day!

My wife and I were taking a somewhat last minute trip to Cozumel for her 50th birthday, and I wanted to do something special for her day. We’ve done most everything there is to do on Coz, and I was looking for something unique and special (and to fulfill her wish to go somewhere she’s never been before on her birthday). We had never done Chichen Itza. Although we had considered it before, the travel to and from C.I., even as an overnight trip, always put us off since we only had a week on the island. Then I found Fly Cozumel. Leave at 8 am, beat (most of) the crowds and the heat, and be back on La Isla, napping in a hammock, by 3? Sold

Leo was great to work with and very responsive to my (many) questions as to the level of services offered (we aren’t divas by any stretch, but it is a bit of a splurge so wanted to be sure I knew what I was getting). Plus, wife’s birthday. ‘Nuf said. Leo even offered to get flowers for my wife to give to her on the plane, which was above and beyond.

The day was flawless from start to finish, from Leo’s timely pickup at our hotel, a convenience stop at Maple Bake House for my wife’s favorite pastry, the flight over with Hugo at the controls, driver Miguel, and tour guide Tortuga at C.I. Leo was there every step of the way to ensure that all we had to do was have fun. Even though we got to C.I. about 9, it was already getting crowded, and by the time we left it had gotten very hot and very crowded. But we had seen all we need to see by then, and you don’t need more than a couple hours to tour C.I. Escaping then, and getting to lunch and a cool dip in the cenote, was just perfect.

The trip back was a little bumpier over the warming Yucatan jungle, and you feel everything in those small planes, so that was part of the thrill ride too. As promised, we landed about 2:30 and (per local rules) Leo got us on the shuttle for the ride back to the hotel.

I am really impressed by Leo’s operation and his enthusiasm for his company, and can’t recommend Fly Cozumel enough!


The #1 Cozumel to Chichen Itza Tour By Plane in 45 Minutes!

“Amazing day with FlyCozumel ”
Having been to Cozumel before and doing the normal things, I was looking for something different and adventurous and I happened upon Leo and FlyCozumel online and boy did they ever deliver with an amazing private trip to Chitchen Itza…I booked my wife and I solo but before I knew it we had 2 other couples joining us from our cruise and we were all ready for a great day…Leo always responded to any questions or changes to group very graciously and set our minds at ease…it was like talking to an old friend who was just as excited to show us everything as we were to see it…on morning of our tour we left ship and met Leo and his team at the airport and found out that we were getting 2 more added to our group who ironically we had met and hung out with the day before in the previous port…the more the merrier and worked out great…Due to the larger group size,Leo even upgraded us into a bigger plane..
After a smooth 45 minute flight we arrived at Chitchen Itza airport where a taxi was waiting to take us to the ruins…once there,we met our guide for the day,”Turtle”, who was funny and very knowledgeable about the site and the Myan history surrounding it…It was mind blowing to walk around and just let it all soak in…Turtle was great about keeping us away from/ahead of the crowds and larger group tours,and Oyuki was great about keeping us together and on schedule,even though we basically set our own pace which was great..After learning a lot from Turtle and a ton of great photo ops and stops,we headed to our next stop,the cenote…
The cenote was awesome and enough by itself for another trip for it alone and lunch was great too…so many choices…Leo and his team are top notch and made sure we got back in plenty of time to get back to our ship and even get some shopping done in port before boarding
I can’t say enough about how great this day was and how well we were all treated by Leo and his staff…staff seems like the wrong word because they seem more like a family,but if you ever want to scratch this off your bucket list,you can’t go wrong with FlyCozumel


The #1 Cozumel to Chichen Itza Tour By Plane in 45 Minutes!

A first class operation and wonderful customer service. Thank you again to you and your staff for showing us such a wonderful time!

David & Annie

The #1 Cozumel to Chichen Itza Tour By Plane in 45 Minutes!

We were thrilled to avoid the long bus ride and to beat the crowds and the heat—oh man, the heat—at Chichen Itza. The flights were great, with stunning views.
At the ruins, Jorge “Tortuga” was a fantastic guide. Super knowledgeable and friendly. The Ik Kil cenote is a magical spot, and once again we were super grateful to stay ahead of the crowds.
Oyuki is great and we had a largely seamless experience start to finish.
Great day for us and just what we wanted—definitely would recommend to other travelers. Thanks for the pics.

Tracie (& Steve & The boys)

The #1 Cozumel to Chichen Itza Tour By Plane in 45 Minutes!

We had the perfect experience, from being picked up at our Hotel by Leo & Oyuki – both whom were really great, kind people! Our package included everything paid for from pickup to drop off (we chose to tip additionally for such prompt and perfect customer service)! This is a trip of a lifetime! My husband flies on small planes often, but my kids and I never have. It was so incredible! I was a little nervous and excited, as I didn’t know what to expect on a small plane! OMG! It was amazing! We felt so special the whole time! We flew in a small private plane that could only seat our family of 4. Flew short span over the ocean – was very thrilling to me, seeing over the island and Mexico mainland was an amazing experience. So glad that my boys experienced this all, too! Landed in Chichen Itza, taxi waiting for us, and he serves us personally the entire time. So, no waiting the whole trip. Oyuki – she was amazing and stayed with us the entire time!

Chichen Itza was just amazing! We had a a great tour guide, Tortuga. He was funny, informative, and kind. It was so hot. Bring your sunglasses, camera, & some water in! There are many, many vendors there selling all kinds of cool stuff. The history there is amazing. Tortuga and Oyuki took many family photos for us, suggesting best angles for the sunlight and all. Just such great personal service!

Then we took taxi to the Cenote! Omg! If you never been to one – you must! We want to go back just to do a Cenote tour! It’s one of the most amazing experiences we’ve had in our lives, and we’re world travelers! The Cenote is a park you enter. There are gift shops and restaurants there, which our package included lunch – again, all super beautiful, clean, & nice!

So, In summary, Fly Cozumel was absolutely perfect and amazing, and worth every penny! You must do this trip! Stop thinking and book it already! You’ll be so glad you did! This is what living life is all about!


Ultimate 4-in-1 Mayan Ruins Tour by Airplane

We are grateful! What an amazing experience we had!

Southernstar NC

The #1 Cozumel to Chichen Itza Tour By Plane in 45 Minutes!

Leo, the owner, picked us up at the hotel we were staying at right on schedule at 8am. He drove us to the airport in Cozumel and we then flew in a small aircraft from Cozumel directly into the airport at Chichen Itza. Very nice 40-45 minute flight. Upon arrival at the airport we were greeted by a van who drove us straight into the park. Our tour guide there, Tortuga, was a most interesting and knowledgeable gent. He walk through the park with us gave us a non-stop history of the ruins. He was both informative and humorous! After the ruins we were driven a nearby cenote for a swim in the beautiful, clear water. Had lunch and a cerveza at the cenote and then a short drive back to the airport. The return flight was very pleasurable as well. The pilot, Benjamin, was a very skilled and friendly gentleman. We were back at the Cozumel airport by mid afternoon with lots of the day remaining ahead of us. The is the ideal way to visit the ruins and avoid the ferry ride, and then a long bus ride. I would highly recommend this to all!


Cozumel Island Flight: Cozumel from the Heavens

“Best birthday gift” It was my husband’s 70th birthday and the question was what would blow his socks off? He didn’t need anymore T-shirts, flip flops or underwear… Light bulb went off…”Fly Cozumel” as his birthday gift. It was absolutely the best gift in his life.
We had a grand view of the island, and Leo wanted to make sure we got to see our house from the air, and he took photos along the way. It was a home run on birthday gifts, and Leo made it happen!