Best holiday presents ideas in the Mexican Caribbean

The holidays are almost here!

After two very surreal years due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this year’s holiday season is coming hot and very much desired by pretty much everyone around the world! For those traveling to the Mexican Caribbean, it’s even more exciting! Why? Well, spending Christmas on a sunny Caribbean beach is definitely better than staring at snow and wrapped in warm clothes, right? The classic holidays’ mood in a winter wonderland is fantastic, but let’s be honest: if you have the chance to travel to Cancun, Cozumel, or the Riviera Maya for Christmas, you’ll take it, right? If you’re coming to any of these paradisiac destinations to spend the holidays, you may have already figured out where to stay and what to do. But did you think about the Christmas presents? While the very meaning of the holidays is to spend some quality family time and share with your loved ones, we all love giving/getting gifts.

In these post-pandemic times, we’d all been left with little time to look after our loved ones, such as our parents or sweetheart. So, this upcoming Christmas is the ideal occasion to make amends and express your affection!

We know you may be wondering what to gift for Christmas in the Mexican Caribbean, so we have some perfect ideas for everyone!

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Best presents for kids in the Riviera Maya

You can’t pack a pony in your suitcase, so you’ll need to come with a very fantastic present for your kids. How about instead of a present, gift them with an unforgettable experience. Kids love having fun in the water, being in touch with nature, and eating delicious snacks! Take them to Xel-Ha, the largest natural aquarium in the world. Located 25 minutes from Playa del Carmen or 15 from Tulum, Xel-Ha Park has something for everyone: Lots of aquatic activities, turtles, dolphins, rays and manatees spotting, a thrilling waterslide, and a delicious all-day buffet with an open bar. Need I say more? There are many souvenir stores inside the park if you still want to buy a gift, but the place will leave the family speechless.

If you really want to spoil your kids this holiday season, the Nickelodeon Riviera Maya Resort recently opened near Playa del Carmen. This all-inclusive luxury resort is the first one designed to please the kids, but also yourself, cause you’re never too young to enjoy as a kid. The Nickelodeon Resort is packed with numerous amenities, from an entire water park and a gorgeous beach to Square-Pants Bob theme suites. After visiting this newly open resort, your kids won’t think of getting any other present in a while. You can’t go wrong with this one!

Now that we have the most challenging part covered, let’s get serious. (Nah, just kidding, the fun is about to begin).

The Riviera Maya and Cozumel are known for being a paradise for diving aficionados. While you can book a Discovery Dive to get a glimpse of the fantastic underwater world, a complete PADI Open Water Diving Certification is a tremendous gift for anyone. They’ll just need 3 days, some reading, and quick training to become official divers. The certification will give them the skills required to dive at a certain depth anywhere in the world, so it’s a very original and appreciated gift. You can find hundreds of dive centers in Cozumel and the Riviera Maya, and most resorts have a diving center, so just pick the one close to you.

If you spend the holidays on the gorgeous island of Cozumel, gift your significant other with a romantic dinner at Buccano. The place is currently going through some upgrades but will be open again on November. Delight with a delicious menu served on an ocean view dining terrace with a panoramic view of the mainland skyline enhanced by torches & candlelight. What could be more romantic?

Well, there’s something:

Imagine a lovable evening contemplating the sunset while flying over the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea, sipping on your favorite drink, just the two of you (and our pilot, of course). Enjoying a private flight will allow you to mesmerize with the view and visit some of the destination’s highlights from a unique point of view. Now that’s romantic!

A gift that lasts forever

If gifting an unforgettable experience is not enough, and you still want to buy something truly unique for your beloved, no worries! Cozumel is home to many jewelry stores. Silver, gold, precious stones -and of course- diamonds can be found along the Cozumel’s Malecon. We’re sure you’ll find a unique piece for that special someone.

A fantastic present for dad

Dads deserve the world, or at least getting to visit some of the most amazing places. Gift your dad with a private tour to Chichen Itza by plane, and take him to the most impressive Mayan Archaeological Site in the world. On this experience, you’ll get to the site from Cozumel or Playa del Carmen in only 35 minutes. Arriving at Chichén Itzá early in the morning before everyone else grants you the chance to enjoy almost the whole site just for yourself. There’s no better way to see Chichén Itzá and, you’ll get back to the hotel before lunch to continue with your vacation plans.

What about Christmas Eve dinner?

There’s no way you won’t be celebrating this important evening! If you’re staying in a resort, you’ll be covered. However, you may have booked a luxurious villa or an Airbnb loft, and you don’t want to spend an entire day cooking while on vacation. Your best option is to hire the services of a professional chef. All you have to do is talk to them about any special request and dietary needs, and the chef will provide you with an unforgettable experience. Many options are available in the area; we recommend reaching out to our friends at The Elite Private Chefs.

Now you have it easier than before. You’re welcome! ;) A trip to the Mexican Caribbean for the holidays is an excellent present for your family and yourself, so be ready to make the most of it and don’t worry about getting any gifts. We’re sure you’ll enjoy a marvelous time.

Happy holidays!

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