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Chichen Itza Shore Excursion from Cozumel with Carnival Glory Passengers!

Chichen Itza Airplane Cozumel Cruise Carnival Glory

One of our most frequently asked questions is, if one arrives by Cruise Ship (in this case the Carnival Glory) in Cozumel, if it is possible to do the Fly Tour to Chichen Itza by Airplane. Yes it is and we guarantee you will be back in time at the Cruise Ship. Earlier this year we took out Emily and her family, passengers of the Cruise ship Carnival Glory, docking in Cozumel just for the day, and we took them to Chichén Itzá in our Airplane, a great Shore Excursion, what an amazing day we had.

More info about our Tour (arriving by Cruise Ship) from Cozumel to Chichen Itza by Airplane you will find here:

Let me copy what Emily wrote about the trip we did with her from Cozumel by Airplane to the archeological site of Chichen Itza. Full and original text you will find here: Cozumel_Yucatan_Peninsula.html#CHECK_RATES_CONT

“Talk about the perfect day, and the highlight of a 7 day Carnival Glory Cruise for the whole family! The jaw drop of our 15 year old when she learned the Airplane was waiting on us was priceless. To see our 13 year old’s nerves when he saw the size of the Cessna was hilarious. Our 10 year old was SO excited to be able to walk around the Archeological Site of Chichen Itza since he just finished studying the Mayans at school. And our 9 year old learned how brave he really is, overcoming his fears of getting in the Airplane and of swimming in a 150 foot deep cenote. Priceless memories…

We wanted to Tour Chichen Itza while in Cruise Port in Cozumel, but the 6 hours of travel by ferry and bus in order to spend 45 minutes actually touring Chichen Itza just didn’t make sense to us. Thankfully we found Fly Cozumel!

We traveled on the Cruise Ship Carnival Glory:

Leo was very professional, courteous and prompt in responding to emails and setting up our tour. His thoughtfulness and responsiveness in those communications gave us confidence in moving forward with the booking. The level of customer service prebooking, while on the tour and after exceeded expectations every time. And by going with Fly Cozumel we had a few hours at the Mayan Ruins of Chichen Itza and beat the crowds there! Plus we had time for lunch and swimming in a cenote!

The entire day went so smooth- Leo was already at the Cozumel Cruise Port when we arrived in the Carnival Glory and had a taxi arranged to take us to the Cozumel airport. Hugo was ready to fly us to the Chichen Itza airport when we arrived. We had the whole Airport in Chichen Itza to ourselves, also unique about this Trip. :) Taxis were waiting on us on there, (very friendly guys happy to answer any questions!), and when we arrived at the Ruins, you guessed it, Pamela was already there waiting for us! She passed us off to our guide for inside Chichen Itza, Tortuga. He was very knowledgeable and we absolutely loved the tour. What an amazing place! (

We stopped afterward for lunch and swimming at Ik Kil Cenote. They have nice change rooms, showers and lockers for a small fee. Swimming in a sinkhole, looking up hundreds of feet at the cave walls ascending to the blue sky above, with greenery and vines dangling toward us, was incomparable and exhilarating. (Splurge for Magnum ice cream bars after, great prices!)

As far as the Airplane ride goes, the views all along the way were fantastic, but I personally loved that as we got closer to Chichen Itza, we could see it off in the distance. What a unique perspective, and a view that shows how grand it really is amongst its jungle surroundings. On our way back to Cozumel, we also flew by both sides of a rainbow! Icing on the cake! Thanks Hugo!

Leo, Hugo and Pamela were all SUCH great hosts- so professional, hospitable, capable and attentive. The Fly Tour was worth every penny and we certainly wish each of them and their business prosperity and happiness!”
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Thank you Emily! It was a pleasure for all of us to have met you and your family while being here in Cozumel on the Carnival Glory Cruise. It was a true pleasure bringing you to the Archeological site of Chichen Itza by Airplane. Gracias!
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