Fly Cozumel is today’s leading airline in Southeast Mexico. But how did they get this far? While it seems like they had it all figured out, they say it was never the original plan. What started with a casual flight over Cancun 7 years ago has now become one of the most successful businesses in the Yucatan Peninsula. The secret may be that their primary focus has always been to grant passengers the best flying experience available. They believe that it’s not about the time you spend doing things, but how people experience them. That’s the approach they give to all their services, even if some flights don’t last more than 15 minutes.

“Our passengers mean the world to us; without them, we have no purpose. That’s why we’ll always treat them with the utmost respect,” says Leo Waltman, Fly Cozumel’s CEO. “We work hard to surpass their expectations by giving them the best 15 minutes of their lives”.

Looking to improve its services, they’ve recently purchased a fleet of brand new Cessna planes to provide their clients with a more comfortable and safe flying experience. But that’s just part of the whole pack. The company’s team is constantly thinking outside the box and looking for innovative ideas to satisfy their needs. Taking advantage of technology, their website makes it easy for clients to book a flight from Cancun to Cozumel or a scenic tour over the Chichen Itza site in a few clicks. The unique tours and scenic flights available will leave you speechless. Fly Cozumel is even the first aviation company in Mexico accepting cryptocurrencies for payments, which by the way, came from a client’s request.

Leo Waltman is aware that the company’s success results from the creativity and passion displayed by each member of the Fly Cozumel family. They may not be the only flying company in the area. Still, the general vision of becoming the new standard in regional aviation in Southeast Mexico has matured into a personal challenge for each of them. They may be there already; however, they’ll always keep an eye on the changing winds to adapt and always stay high and beyond.

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