The Ultimate Cancun to Chichen Itza Tour!


Ever heard of having your cake and eating it too? Well, our Mayan ruins excursion from Cancun to Chichen Itza by plane will leave you with the sensation of having experienced the perfect Cancun day trip to the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

There’s a reason why this is the #1 Chichen Itza Cancun excursion.

Departing from Cancun International Airport, we’ll make the 35-minute flight from Cancun to Chichen Itza flying over the majestic jungle of the Yucatan Peninsula.

Along the way, you’ll be able to take in spectacular views of the Caribbean Sea, towns and cities, cenotes, and amazing horizon on your comfortable 35-minute Chichen Itza flight.


We’ll arrive at the Chichen Itza Airport early in the morning so that we can beat the crowds and the heat.

The Chichen Itza airport is located in the neighboring town of Piste. From here it’s just a ten-minute drive to the Mayan ruins.

Once we leave the runway and pass through security it’s off to this UNESCO World Heritage Site.


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2 PAX $1450.00 USD
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Airport Tax $25.00 USD per person


So what can you expect from our Chichen Itza tour from Cancun?

Upon arrival to Chichen Itza, we’ll be greeted by our fun and affable tour guide, Mr. Tortuga, who will welcome you to what promises to be an unforgettable experience.

Once inside the ruins, Mr. Tortuga, who is a master at finding the shade to escape the wrath of the Mayan sun god, Kinich Ahau.

As you walk around these expansive grounds, he’ll keep you entertained with the fascinating and mysterious history of the ancient Maya who once inhabited this imposing city-state known as Chichen Itza.

Here are some of the highlights you’ll be able to experience on your guided tour of Chichen Itza:

Kukulcan Pyramid

The famous Kukulcan pyramid, also known as El Castillo or The Castle, is the site’s most iconic and massive structure. Recently, archeologists discovered that the pyramid was built over a large cenote, a.k.a sinkhole. What’s perhaps most impressive and awe-inspiring is the fact that the Kukulcan Pyramid has 365 steps — one for each day of the year.

The Observatory

The ancient Maya were experts at many areas of civilization. High on their list of accomplishments? Astronomy. Their calendar proved to be even more precise than the Roman calendar we use today, and many of their structures located throughout Mexico and Central America were built in accordance with the movement of the stars.  The Observatory, also known as El Caracol (the snail) is where their astronomic scholars had their headquarters.

The Great Mayan Ball Court

Hundreds of ball courts could be found throughout Mesoamerica. The largest of all these ball courts, however, can be found at Chichen Itza (the length of over two American-style football fields).  Moreover, the brilliant brains behind the construction of the Chichen Itza Ball Court designed it in such a manner that you could perfectly discern whispered conversations from one extreme of the field to another.

Temple of the Warriors

The Temple of the Warrior is comprised of a large pyramid upon which rests the figure of Chac Mool. The figure, which can be found in different variations throughout Mesoamerica, did not represent a deity but rather a warrior. Rows of carved columns, meant to represent the warriors of Chichen Itza, can be found in front of the pyramid.

The Sacred Cenote

In Yucatec Maya, the name Chichen Itza means “At the well of the Itzae people.” For the ancient Maya, these sacred bodies of water not only provided the essential element to sustain life and large population centers. In reality, they were understood to be portals to Xilbaba or the Netherworld; a space that connected the realm of the underworld to that of the earthly realm. At Chichen Itza, the Sacred Cenote served as a place of offering, and many sacrificial remains and objects have been discovered in its interior.


Thinking ahead will make your Chichen Itza Cancun excursion all the more enjoyable.

There are three important aspects to consider when planning your Chichen Itza tour from Cancun.

  • It’s hot.
  • You’re going to be walking around quite a bit.

In other words, follow the golden rule of the Boy Scouts and always be prepared.

Here’s what you should bring with you on your tour:

  • Biodegradable sunscreen
  • A hat or umbrella to protect your face from the sun
  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Biodegradable insect repellent
  • A camera (use of video cameras cost an additional 40 pesos)
  • Cash for souvenirs and gratuity

For more tips, be sure to check out our informative article on Chichen Itza facts.

Are you staying in Cozumel or the Riviera Maya? We also have a Cozumel to Chichen Itza tour as well as one from departing from Playa del Carmen!


Departure times for Chichen Itza tours from Cozumel begin at 7:00 a.m. and continue up until no later than 2:00 p.m. Please let us know if you’d like a specific time. Otherwise, we’ll plan a time for you in the early morning or early afternoon, depending on your availability.

Preparations (15 minutes)

  • Pick up at your Cancun location (cruise dock/resort/home)
  • Transfer to Cancun Airport
  • Discussing Flight Plan & Special Points of Interests
  • Safety Instructions
  • Bathroom Visit

Flight (35 minutes)

  • Flight Cancun to Chichen Itza
  • Points of Interests During Flight

Ground Transportation (15 minutes)

  • Bathroom Visit at Chichen Itza airport
  • Transfer to Mayan Ruins Chichen Itza
  • Introduction to certified bilingual guide

Visit Ruins (2 hours)

  • Private tour of Chichen Itza ruins
  • Bathroom Visit

Transportation (15 minutes)

  • Transfer to the Chichen Itza Airport
  • Bathroom Visit

Flight (35 minutes)

  • Flight Chichen Itza to Cancun



Private Flight Round-Trip
Ground Transportation Chichen Itza
Entrance Fee and Private Guide Chichen Itza
Water Onboard
Airport tax (collected at checkout)

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