Cozumel Island Flight
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Cozumel Island Flight: Cozumel from the Heavens

Have you ever wondered where is Cozumel and what it looks like from the heavens? Discover the beauty of Cozumel Mexico from the air on this incredible Cozumel Island Flight! This is a Cozumel excursion you'll never forget as you take in a kaleidoscope of colors, textures, and views of the island's most iconic sites. Even seasoned island visitors can
1 Hour
Cozumel sunset by airplane

Cozumel Sunset by Airplane

The Cozumel Sunset Airplane Tour by Fly Cozumel is guaranteed breathtaking and magical views of Cozumel Island’s famous sunsets. Experience a Cozumel sunset from a completely unique and unforgettable perspective. If you’re a photographer looking for that amazing Caribbean sunset shot, or looking to experience one of the most romantic Cozumel tours, this is the best Cozumel excursion for you.
1 Hour

Discovery Flight in Cozumel

A Discovery Flight in Cozumel by Fly Cozumel is an introductory flying lesson in which you get to pilot our Cessna airplane above Cozumel Island! You can even bring your friends and family! This is a great opportunity to experience the freedom and satisfaction of learning to fly an airplane from takeoff to touchdown. A Discovery Flight in Cozumel is
1 Hour

Sian Ka’an by Airplane

Sian Ka'an by Airplane with Fly Cozumel is the most exclusive and impressive Airplane Tour you can imagine. Sian Ka'an is a biosphere reserve and a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You will experience mesmerizing views you will not soon forget, guaranteed (Don't forget to check out our Sian Ka'an by Airplane pictures)!! If you think you have seen it all
2 Hours
Aerial Photography Cozumel

Aerial Photography

Fly Cozumel is your professional partner for Aerial Photography in Cozumel and the Caribbean side of Mexico. Are you a demanding Aerial Photographer? We deliver! The freedom of getting any angle you desire for good photos can’t be beaten. On the ground you are limited by your environment. Fly Cozumel offers you a great platform for Aerial Photography around Cozumel